$4.99 (Reg. $30) ~ Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Case w ID Slot + Screen Protector

Your brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 is amaaaaazing! We were expecting cool and sleek, but this Galaxy S IV is in a completely new league of its own. Bringing next generation technology straight to your hands, the Geeks wanted to make sure you keep your S4 well protected so it can give you years of unquestioning servitude.     We looked for the absolute best option for you balancing functionality and price. We didn t think that was enough to thank you, so we re included a FREE SCREEN PROTECTOR with every purchase! We salute you Galaxy S4 owner!

This deal won’t last long so check it out now while it’s available!! Phone cases are expensive. My husband has a Galaxy S4 and there aren’t a lot of affordable options such as this.  I just ordered one for him.  The ID slot is also a great feature.  I have a “portfolio type” case for my iPhone and keep my driver’s license and debit card in it, which is super convenient and now I don’t have to carry a wallet a lot of the time.