VIGGLE ~ Earn gift cards by watching TV!!!

Check out Viggle and earn money while you watch TV!!

I found out about Viggle from another blogger a couple of weeks ago and am addicted to Viggle.  I already have enough points for three $5 gift cards!

Viggle rewards you for checking into your favorite TV shows using their app. It is super  easy to do and the points add up super quick!!

Check out some of the amazing rewards they have right now

-$5 Starbucks Gift Card
-$5 CVS Gift Card
-$5 Lowe’s Gift Card
-$5 Burger King Gift Card
-$5 Hot Topic Gift Card
-$10 iTunes gift card
-$10 Old Navy Gift Card
-$10 Gap Gift Card
-$15 Chili’s Gift Card
$25 Target Gift Card
-$25 Best Buy Gift Card
-iPod Touch
-Kindle Fire

It is so easy to cash out for a gift card. I cashed out my first week for 2 $5 Starbucks gift cards. As soon as I  hit the redeem button I received an email fromViggle with my Starbucks card ~ You can print the card and take it into Starbucks or add it to your Starbucks app on your phone!!

Here is how to get started with Viggle

1. Sign up and download the Viggle app – HERE
(it’s totally  free to sign up)

2. Check in to your favorite shows.
You only have to check into the show once. You can check in for a show at any time during the show.
You earn points for the amount of minutes you check into the show.
The earlier in the show you check in the more points you earn

3. The Viggle app also has ads you can watch to earn bonus points.
The bonus points range from 5- 75 points.

4. Check out the Viggle app and find out which shows have bonus points added to them. You can check out the featured shows and see which
shows are offering bonus points. This is a great way to earn a lot of points for one show!

5. Sit back and enjoy your favorite show knowing you are on your way to a free gift card!


CLICK HERE to check out Viggle ~ I think you will love it as much as I do!!



Thanks so much Tamilee Tips


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