If there’s one thing we’ve always enjoyed, it’s a good batch of wings!!  They’re not exactly heart healthy though, so when I come across  a recipe where I can bake the wings I get pretty excited about it!!

Whether they’re buffalo, BBQ or Asian style, I’ve never really met a wing I didn’t like!!  I prefer using fresh wingettes to make these, but I’ve also used frozen wings and they’ve turned out totally fabulous!!  The large frozen bags of wings are very delicious, meaty and filling!!  They’re quick and easy to make for a large crowd, and they can also be made ahead of time!!  They’re also great left over the next day once the sauce has had a chance to thoroughly marinate into the wings.  Give this recipe a try;  it is sure to be one of your new favorites!! [Read more…]

This Avocado Dip is the Quickest & Easiest thing you will EVER make, and it’s absolutely delicious!!

This Avocado Dip is so easy to make, and very tasty!!  My sister got this recipe from a friend in her dinner club, and made it for our last family gathering.  Everyone in the family loved it, including my baby nieces, the teens, young adults, us and even the elderly!!   It’s also great the next day if you let it sit and marinade overnight.  It only takes a minute or two to throw it together, and just one batch goes a LOOOOoooooooooong way!!

  [Read more…]



Growing up in a house with a Polish mother and Russian father allowed for a lot of interesting dinners throughout the years!!

I was raised in the 70s with a strict religious Green Orthodox upbringing, which included not eating meat on Fridays….yes, EVERY Friday and not just during lent.

My mom was a homemaker and devoted endless hours to cooking dinner from scratch. Friday’s was ALWAYS Pierogi day!!  Pierogi is pretty much just a fancy name for Polish dumplings!! They’re great as a main dish, side dish or appetizer. [Read more…]

HALUSHKI (cabbage, onions and dumplings) #RECIPE


This recipe is older than I am.  

It is from the “church cookbook” from the Russian Orthodox Church I used to go to as a child.  The church itself is a cathedral and is breathtakingly beautiful.  (I will add a picture to the bottom of this post). [Read more…]