Benefits to Starting New Year Resolutions Before the Holidays

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You might remember last December 31, when at 11:59 you took your last swig of champagne, your last drag on a cigarette, your last bite of brownie before the New Year started and your resolutions began. The New Year certainly seems like an excellent time to start a new lifestyle: At 12:00 a.m., you gain a clean break from the previous year of sin and suffering, and a new 365 days of opportunity to do life right. Unfortunately, you probably also remember what happened a few weeks after January 1, when you broke down and bought a six-pack at the corner store, bummed a cigarette from your friend at the party, ordered a pizza instead of going to the gym. New Year resolutions don’t always work as well as you expect ― which is why you should start them now, instead of at the New Year.


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