6 Simple Tricks To Cut Your Grocery Bill

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Without a doubt, the grocery bill is one of the biggest expenses that any household has. This is especially true if you’re trying to eat healthily. All the ingredients for an organic salad are far more expensive that just being able to grab a burger from the frozen aisle!

If you’re watching your money and hoping to find areas to trim back, it won’t be long until your eyes alight on the grocery bill. Cutting that down to size can be the key to a sound financial future – so how can you bring it under your control?

1) Buy In Bulk

If you have the space, it’s far cheaper to buy a whole pig and store it in the freezer than buying individual pork steaks and bacon. It’s worth investigating this option if you don’t mind the idea of it, because the savings can be substantial. [Read more…]

Essential Technology That Every Home Should Have

Technology progresses so quickly that it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind. There are constant updates and improvements. It can also feel like as soon as you buy a new product, it’s not all too long before the upgrade has been released. But don’t worry. You don’t necessarily have to delve into the depths of tech geek lifestyle to get technology to work for you and your home. Truth be told, you only need a few essential items to help your days run more smoothly and hassle free. Here are our top picks.

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You may be used to your PC but a laptop is an indispensible item. Why? Its portability. You can start projects, work or socialising anywhere at any time. You can take your files and documents along with you wherever you go, even if that’s abroad on holiday! So update from your computer tower and monitor. If you don’t tend to use computers or laptops at all, now may be the time to start. It’s a big investment, but there are options for payment plans. It isn’t all about social media and business emails. There are so many apps nowadays that can help you with your day to day routines and activities. Some will organize your schedule for you, some will store your favorite recipes, others will manage your exercise regime. Just take the time to see what’s out there. [Read more…]

Staying Cool As A Cucumber On School Sports Day



That time of the year is almost upon us – summer sports days at school! Kids love having the day off lessons so they can do some sport instead. And parents and relatives love spending the day out on the sports field watching all the kids race and play different matches! It’s a fab way to spend a hot summer’s day.


As you will all be outside for a long period of time, it is important that you and your children take some important precautions so that you don’t end up suffering from heatstroke or sunburn. This is especially important for your children as they will be exerting themselves in all that exercise! Here are some great tips that should help you both staying as cool as a cucumber.

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Healthy Tips For Cooking At Home

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We all want to live the idyllic healthy lifestyle when it comes to the food we eat at home, but there’s far more to that than eating all your vegetables and avoiding sugary treats. The very nature of the environment in which you’re cooking has a huge effect on your health when it comes to making your dinner each evening. Here are some healthy tips based on aspects of cooking at home that you may not have considered.


The kitchen.

There are lots of obvious factors to consider when keeping your kitchen healthy. Surfaces should be cleaned regularly, and hands should be washed before handling food; you may have to wash them several times during the cooking process if they come into contact with unhygienic parts of your kitchen. Some more specific advice that you may not have considered, however, is to store your food sensibly; don’t keep fatty or greasy foods contained in plastic because you don’t want chemicals to end up in your food. Glass and stainless steel are safer for storage. [Read more…]

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Best Ways Of Shopping In The New Age

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Shopping is ace.  That’s why the term retail therapy exists.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are looking for, shopping will always make you feel better.  


Before the internet arrived we had to jump in our cars and head out to the local towns for our shopping fix and it was more difficult to find exciting or better value products from abroad.  However now?  Well now we can literally get anything our hearts desire from anywhere in the world.


Fashion is a great place to start.  From designers in New York to small boutiques in peru.  check out this link to Cklass catalogs where you can flip your way through Spain’s collection of fashion catalogs and bag yourself a european bargain! You couldn’t do that 15 years ago.

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Checkout At A Cheaper Price In The Future

Food shopping can often be the largest bill that the family has to face. After all, you have to feed those hungry little mouths, so you have to get enough food to be able to do this. But the cost of your food shopping can leave your family feeling the pinch for the rest of the month. However, it doesn’t have to be the case if you are careful with you shopping. Here is some handy advice to ensure you checkout at a lower price in the future.



Leave the kids at home


When you go food shopping with your family, it can hike up the price dramatically. After all, the kids are going to want to add certain food to the trolley. And rather than being things you need, it’s likely going to be extras which will cause your bill to rocket. Therefore, to ensure you can reduce the price of your food shopping, you should go shopping on your own. Get your partner to look after the kids while you go out shopping. That way, you can go to the shop and just buy things that you really need for your family. And then you can expect the bill will be much lower than it would be with your kids in tow. [Read more…]

Give Yourself A New Look, Without Breaking The Bank

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While we know it might be time for a makeover, finding the funds to do that is easier said than done. We could quite easily spend a thousand bucks on a new wardrobe, a haircut, and some new jewelry to boot, but as much as it pains me to say it, it’s probably not the best use of a thousand bucks. If you’re crying out for a new look, but your budget is dictating your lifestyle, here’s a few handy hints on how to get the most for your money.

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Protecting Your Home And Assets? It’s What Any Money Saver Pro Would Do

Home ownership or having any form of assets can be a worrying thing to many. From houses to cars these assets tend to have a high value to us, and of course, means we have spent our hard earned cash to purchase them in some way. So it’s important that we protect those assets as best we can. After all, if anything were to go wrong with them, they were stolen or damaged in any way, then the financial burden is left to no one else but us. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can protect your home and assets.



Protect your home from opportunists


It is a sad fact that burglary is on the rise for many areas, and so it is more essential than ever that we protect our home. Not only are our houses are biggest assets, but they tend to hold many of our possessions that not only have significant value, for example, jewelry or technology but they may also have a sentimental attachment. Burglars will try and get into your home in any way that they can to steal these items, so it’s worth installing an updated security system to ensure that your home is protected. You can do research online and check out things like safe home security reviews to better inform yourself. There are other security measures you could take. You could consider installing video cameras, a higher boundary around your home or even assess the current locks you have on your doors and windows. Make sure your home is protected when you’re in it and when you have vacated it.   [Read more…]

Make Your Move Cheaper And Easier



Like many people, you may be getting plans together to move to a new home in the near future.

Again, like many people, you might be remembering the last move you had to help out with, and dreading the prospect of all the stress and chaos on the horizon. While I can’t make moving a total picnic, here are a few tips to make it cheaper and easier… [Read more…]