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As a wife and mother I have a lot of responsibilities, the most important of which is taking care of my family.

There’s not much worse than seeing someone in my family hurt.

Whether I am taking care of a minor boo-boo or someone recovering from major surgery, having a well stocked first aid kit is important to me.  

If and when an accident occurs the last thing I want to have to do is run to the store for first aid supplies!!

If you don’t have a First Aid Kit, grab a box and make your own.

Good things to include are:

  • Gloves
  • Surface Mat
  • Hand Sanitizer or Soap & Water
  • Saline Water
  • Scissors
  • Band Aids
  • Non Stick pads
  • Gauze Pads
  • Paper, cloth or waterproof tape

Check out these great tips on using the right wound care products which can help promote wound healing.

The BEST way to start the healing process is to keep the wound clean and protected.  

ALWAYS remember to wash your hands both before and after treating a wound!!

I will NEVER forget when my youngest daughter broke her arm in three places falling from an Allstar Cheerleading stunt a few years ago.

She had to have major surgery to place three rods in her arm to help the bones heal properly, and then she had to have a second surgery to have the rods taken out.  

We used A LOT of first aid supplies!!  Johnson and Johnson’s Non Stick Pads and tape were the perfect thing to put on top of her stitches and staples!!

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We would wrap her arm with Johnson and Johnson’s Secure Flex Wrap, which secured the pads and tape and kept them and her wound even more protected.

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My oldest daughter was also an Allstar Cheerleader for several years so you can only imagine how much ankle, elbow and wrist drama I have been through in my lifetime!!

For years, my girls used Johnson and Johnson’s Secure Flex Wrap for joint support during tumbling and competitions!  

Now that I think about it, Johnson and Johnson was a name I loved and trusted when they were babies, and a name that continued to take care of them as they matured in to young adults!

No matter what their age is, knowing which products to use is a great first step in making sure your loved ones receive the proper care they need.  Check out Johnson and Johnson’s Wound Care Page at to get tips and tricks from caring for minor cuts to recovering from surgery, and make sure you choose the proper products for whatever comes your way.