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Prize. We will award one (1) Grand Prize Scholarship that will be payable, at the option of the winner, either as (i) a deposit of $1,000 per year for the next 10 years into a child’s college savings fund ($10,000), or (ii) an up front payout of $4,000, which represents the present value of an investment in a college savings fund for a 1 year old with withdrawals starting at age 17 and a 6% compounded annual rate of return on such investment (This just shows you how a college savings fund grows…); provided that, if the winner is a resident of the State of Florida or the State of New York, such winner must select the upfront payment of $4,000.  IN THE CASE OF A SINGLE PAYOUT OPTION (I.E., OPTION (II) ABOVE), ACTUAL FUTURE VALUE OF SCHOLARSHIP MAY VARY BASED ON THE RETURN RATES OF YOUR PARTICULAR COLLEGE SAVINGS FUND AND/OR THE AGE OF CHILD.

Odds of Winning. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Certain promotions will be held where additional entries will be awarded as prizes for action, which may include liking us on Facebook, entering free photo contests, etc.  Check our home page at for more information on these free promotions.


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Target makes College Dorm Life Shopping Easy! Start buying NOW things that are hard to find!

This time last year I found myself faced with a new chapter in life!!

My “baby” was going away to college and would be living in a dorm.

I didn’t even know where to begin or what to buy first.

If you find yourself in a similar situation,

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Some of the things I would recommend buying now, before they sell out and are hard to find, are:

Room Essentials® Mattress Pad Basic – White..$9.99.  ~  If a dorm room is in the picture, you will definitely want to pick up one of these.  They vary in price and quality!

Room Essentials® Sheet Set – Twin XL $17.99  ~ Again, sheet sets vary  in price, but DORM BEDS REQUIRE TWIN XL SHEETS!! Buy these now so you can get the color you prefer before they sell out!

4″ Bed Risers ~ $12.99 ~ Bed Risers are a MUST!! If you’ve seen the size of a dorm room you know it’s necessary to rise the bed so you can use the underneath for additional storage!

Sterilite Wide 3-Drawer Cart – White ~ You will need at least TWO of these, in different sizes, for extra drawer space. They also come in handy to store snacks, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc!!  Buying these early gives you the best variety to select from!! As moving day approaches these become more and more difficult to find!

Cleaning Supplies and Toiletries ~  Start assembling these things NOW by taking advantage of coupons and sales!  You will be glad you did one you start buying everything needed for the coming year!!

Start by buying even just ONE of these items now, and you’re off to a good start!

AMAZON is another great place to shop for back to school, and for hard to find cool dorm necessities such as this, which really came  in handy (according to Amanda)!  She didn’t have a table of any sort by her bed, and it was also a great place to keep the remote!! You can find lots of cool college dorm stuff on Amazon!