Downy Unstopables Spring Review + ENTIRE LINE OF DOWNY UNSTOPPABLES GIVEAWAY!!! Ends 4/10/13


Downy Unstopables New Spring Scent brings April Freshness to your laundry!!

Downy Unstopables in wash scent booster keeps your laundry fresh for 12 weeks. [Read more…]


If you’ve been a reader for a while, you already know I am a mopaholic!! Clean floors make me happy!!

I drive an hour to my office and an hour back home and I work full time out of my house — it’s so hard to be productive when things are not clean and try to keep a tidy house, but I seem to have a never ending battle with the flooring surfaces in our home.  I have a combination of wood flooring, tile and carpet, which requires a variety of cleaning products and utensils, and is a job itself to keep up with.  I had high hopes when I got the Haan Multiforce SS-25  to review  ~  it is a heavy duty steam cleaner and more!!

It allows you to easily steam, scrub, buff and polish just about any flooring surface inside or outside your home!!

It’s easy to assemble ~  Just place the handle into the base unit and insert one screw  (provided).

You can use steam, CR-Motion or BOTH to clean.  The Multiforce Pro can be used with or without steam….Each pad has 10 powerful steam jets that when heated reach 212 degrees, and clean and sanitize.  It has never been so FUN, yes fun, to clean my floors!!

It’s easy and quick to set it up and get it ready to use, which is an added convenience in this day and age.

You just fill the water tank and press the on/off button.


If you want to use steam it takes less than a minute for the unit to heat up.  You gently place the unit on the pads, turn it on and easily and effortless glide it across any flooring surface.  Within minutes your floor will be clean and shiny.  It’s the easiest and most convenient way I’ve ever cleaned the tile floor in my kitchen, and I especially liked how quick the floor dried afterwards.  It brought back the luster and life to my dull and drab hardwood floors, and did a fabulous job on cement.  I just had my carpets cleaned before Christmas, but with three cats and a dog I am sure it will be convenient when needed for random pet stains!  It does make a humming sort of noise when in use, but it is not loud and did not scare my pets when I used it.  In fact, Bella seems to be right there next to me (as usual) watching every time I use it!

It is lightweight, weighing less than 7-lbs., which makes it easy to move from room to room and from one floor to another.

The Haan Multiforce Pro SS-25 comes with a floor protector/resting mat which you can set the unit on when it’s not in use and when it’s cooling down (which only takes about 5 minutes). It also includes a carpet glide, one set of buffing pads, two sets of ultra microfiber cleaning pads and one set of scrub brush attachments!!   The scrub brush attachment and ultra-microfiber cleaning pads are used to clean and the buffing pads are ideal to polish and shine!!   The microfiber pads get saturated after about 10 minutes of use and it becomes hard to push the unit, but honestly even my largest room doesn’t take 10 minutes to clean with this!  The handle has a convenient swivel feature making it easy to get in to cracks and crevices, corners and against baseboards.  The pads are machine washable and reusable!!


I have used the Haan Multiforce Pro SS-25 on a variety of surfaces including tile, hardwood, slate and cement!!  

Watch as I clean various surfaces!!

Maintenance is easy – it is suggested that you empty the water tank after use and use fresh rinse once a month for optimal performance!

Haan is based in Lancaster, PA.  You can Like Haan on Facebook and Follow Haan on Twitter and Pinterest to keep connected with them and  up-to-date with their latest products and news!!

Haan has a great variety of steam scrubbers available so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. The Haan Multiforce Pro SS-25 has a MSRP of $239.95.


SAVE  $25 with Coupon Code:  ShoreSSS25 (thru 1/27/13) .

I absolutely love my new Haan Multiforce Pro SS-25 and I think you would, too!!

DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free in exchange for this review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers


Packaways is a brand new Storage Box that ships and stores in the flat position. Just press on opposing corners and the bottom “automatically” folds into place and locks. When not in use, just press on the bottom and the box folds back down flat for easy, out of the way storage.

They’re easy to open and easy to collapse!!

They are perfect for homes and apartments , especially if space is tight.

They’re very durable and great for moving, organizing things, storing seasonal items, etc….

Amanda immediately filled one up with stuff to take back to college with her!

She was able to fit a case of Ramen Noodles with plenty of room to spare for other things!!

You can color code your things or have the colors match your decor.  She LOVED that they sent me pink and green boxes since those are her sorority colors!!

They are  made in the U.S.A. from durable corrugated plastic. They’e great for harsh storage conditions or long-term storage since moisture and humidity won’t be an issue with these boxes. They will last hundreds of cycles under normal circumstances.

They comes with 2 Wipe Away Panels that allow you to conveniently identify the contents of the box, and are available in various colors, sizes and styles.

You can check out Packaways on Facebook and can  buy them on PACKAWAYS WEBSITE HERE!!

DISCLOSURE:  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


If you’ve been around for a while you KNOW how much I love mops…well, I guess clean floors is what I really love.   [Read more…]


When I found out Green Virgin Products was sending me Soap Nuts to review I was REALLY excited ~  I had no clue what they were, but they sure did sound cool!!  Soap Nuts are the fruit of the Chinese Soap Berry Tree. They’re harvested and dried in the sun then cracked open and a large seed removed. The outer shell is what the soap nuts are. [Read more…]


I recently had a wonderful opportunity to review Downy Infusions New Honey Flower liquid fabric softener in my home (and the new Downy Unstoppables Shimmer) and I absolutely love them!!!

I was lucky enough to meet some of the Downy Staff at BlogHer 12 in NYC . I just loved the silly photo booth they had set up.  Don’t you LOVE my pictures?

Downy was gracious enough to send me their new products to try in my home. I was so impressed and wanted to share with you. Laundry is not my favorite household chore but its quickly becoming less of a burden. The smell is incredible. It smells fresh and “pink”.  I don’t know about you but the best part of doing laundry is when the scent waffles through the house. I loved it.  I also liked how soft my clothes feel and how long they stay fresh smelling!!  I even had an “Oh my” moment when I went to put on my robe straight from the dryer ~ it was like wrapping yourself in warmth and luxury. Even the bath towels still smell wonderful in the linen closet, and you can smell the lightest scent of freshness when you get to the top of the steps!!   I will never go back to what I was using because I will be using this instead from now on!!

Downy Infusions new Honey Flower liquid fabric softener takes your scent experience from plain old fresh to simply unforgettable with a sheer floral bouquet of creamy jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and sweet rose. You’ll remember the days you wear it

  • Blends layers of creamy jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and sweet rose for unforgettable freshness
  • Luxurious scents last from wash to wear
  • Renewing Scent Pearls add fresh bursts of fragrance throughout your day
  • SilkTouchTM formulation infuses fabrics with a silky softness that makes
    your everyday fabrics (and you) feel fabulous
  • Also fights pesky static cling

Downy is a company I am proud to say I love. Now the best part. Shore Savings with Patti, Another Cent Saved and some other blogger friends are teaming up with Downy  to give you a Full Sized Ultra Downy Infusions Honey Flower. FOUR, yes 4, of you will be receiving your own Full Sized Downy. Isn’t that wonderful ??

Entering is super easy!! Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions, then watch your email box because 4 of your are going to be very happy winners!

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I received Downy to try in my home. All opinions are my own!.



Our first house had hardwood floors.  The girls were little, and I had every kid in the neighborhood running through the house what seemed like a hundred times a day.  The floors didn’t stand a chance!! It was a constant struggle to try to keep up with them.  Once we got wall-to-wall carpeting and covered them up I always wished I hadn’t. [Read more…]


Laundry Soda (50 Load)

There are so many options on the market when it comes to laundry detergent.  Although there is one brand I prefer, I think I like the smell of it more than anything and I usually buy what’s on sale and what I have coupons for!!

I was excited when Nellie’s All Natural asked me to try their laundry soda. My first thought when I received it in the mail was that I LOVED the packaging!!  First of all, it was a fairly small sized bag and claimed to do 50 LOADS.  The retro housewife on the package looked so happy with her laundry so I hoped her spirit would rub off on me as I started my load of laundry.  I used the convenient scooper inside the bag to add just the right amount of laundry soda.  Within a few minutes my laundry room “smelled clean”. It was not an overpowering smell and was very pleasant and soap-like!!

The laundry soda did a great job on Tim’s work clothes!! His shirts were vibrant looking and smelled great!

Nellie’s All Natural is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly and were inspired by a real person~NELLIE!!

Unlike traditional detergents Nellie’s does not have any additives or fillers. That’s why you only need one tablespoon per large load vs. 1 cup. Traditional detergents leave residue behind on your clothing causing skin problems. This is caused by the fillers in the detergents not rinsing out of your clothing. Nellie’s dissolves completely and rinses thoroughly leaving no residue behind!  

I really like Nellie’s All Natural and think you will too!!  They also make dryer balls and some other great products, which can be found on Nellie’s All-Natural website.

You can check out Nellie’s All Natural Facebook Page HERE.  Nellie’s All Nautral is available for purchase on their website online, is available from various retailers on Amazon and there’s a store locator on their website so you can find out where it’s sold locally!!

Nellie’s has graciously agreed to give ONE LUCKY READER a 50-load package of laundry soda ~ Simply enter using the Rafflecopter Form below!!  GOOD LUCK!!

DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free as compensation for this review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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There are so many options on the market when it comes to cleaning products, but many of them contain harsh chemicals and abrasives.  I worry about the effect cleaning products have on my pets and have been steering towards natural products because of that.

I was thrilled when I was asked to try Green Shield Organics cleaning products from Greenology Products, Inc. I was provided three products~ Green Shield Organic Kitchen Cleaner, Green Shield Organic Biodegradable Surface Wipes and Green Shield Organic Elite Care Lavender Laundry Soap for review. As I opened the package, I immediately noticed  all of their products are biodegradable and that they  use recycled packaging whenever available ~ BOTH of these things were an instant “PLUS” in my book!!

Green Shields Organics:

  • Never tests on animals
  • Cleaners are made with antimicrobial cleansers which kill odor causing bacteria
  • Laundry products can be used in any kind of washer including high efficiency
  • sustainable ingredients
  • Prevents growth of more odor causing bacteria
  • non-toxic
  • hypo-allergenic
  • non-volatile
  • made with the utmost concern for people,pets and our planet

After  just returning from BlogHer and leaving two teenagers home alone my house needed some serious cleaning!!  I’m not sure what exactly happened to my counter tops while we were away but boy did they need cleaned once I got back.   I opted to try the Green Shield Organics kitchen cleaner and am glad I did.  I sprayed the countertops and effortlessly wiped them clean.  I loved the way it cleaned and got rid of all the grime and stains left behind by my girls.    I am used to pine or lemon cleaning scents and although this product did not have either of those scents, it also did not have a harsh or unpleasant smell to it.  It kinda smelled like vinegar, which I often use to clean, and my counter tops and table were sparkling in no time at all!!

Next I decided to tackle the bathroom and decided to use the Green Shield Organic Surface Wipes!   Again, I effortlessly wiped all the bathroom surfaces clean.  They worked great on the countertops, faucet, toilet, etc., and again although it was not my “usual cleaning smell” that I smelled, there was no harsh or unpleasant smell and my bathroom was sparkling clean in no time at all.  I especially liked how easily it removed the “toothpaste splatters” from the sink and faucet area.

I then decided to tackle the laundry ~ I had FIVE DAYS WORTH of dirty clothes from me and Tim in NYC.  I opted to try the USDA Organic Lavendar Laundry Soap.  Immediately upon adding it to my washing machine my laundry room filled with a pleasant scent that lingered throughout the downstairs~it felt like Spring had entered my laundry room and in my head I envisioned butterflys flying around~LOL!!  Once the laundry was “going” I realized I forgot to pre-treat my favorite white pants that had CHOCOLATE stains on them~Imagine my surprise when the load was finished washing and the chocolate stains were gone. My favorite while slacks were looking good again, with virtually no effort on my part.

I work full time in addition to blogging and must say these products made my return home much easier~I was able to clean things much quicker and easier using these organic products!! I highly recommend them.

I am sure your interest in these products is peaked, and you  can click here to find out where to buy Green Shield Organics in your area!!

You can also CLICK HERE to print a $1.00 off any one Green Shield Organic Products coupon.

Green Shield Organics has a brand new product, called Motherload Laundry Station, which is a  3-in-1 laundry station. In this one package there are 200 oz. of  liquid laundry detergent, 200 dryer sheets, and a stain stick. It can easily be carried to and from the laundry room or kept safely on the shelf. All products are made from organic ingredients and 95% of the package is recyclable. This would be PERFECT for my oldest who will be leaving for her second year of college next week.    The Laundry Station is available at Lowe’s Home Improvement, nationwide. ( (source

A little about Green Shield Organic (Source – Green Shield Organic Facebook Page)

Our Mission is to provide your Family, Friends & Pets, Coworkers & Customers and Future Generations with a sanitary living environment and clean indoor air quality, by providing you with products that are made with the utmost concern and consideration for People, Pets and our precious Planet!

We have chosen to create and deliver a terrific collection of products that are Organically produced, because Organic production demands the highest standards….and we require our chemistry team meet those standards.Our Goal is to continually strive to deliver high performance, Human-Safe products that get the job done, while eliminating or minimizing negative environmental effects. We ensure that while we create commerce, it is not done so at the expense of our precious ecology.Our promise toward maintaining a sustainable environment means that we will, whenever possible, eliminate any risk of ecological erosion. This includes using organically grown ingredients, ensuring biodegradability, using recycled packaging and creating smaller packaging footprints, as often as possible. ~ Green Shield Organics
Be sure to follow Green Shield Organic
You can also CLICK HERE to read Angie’s Angel Help Network’s review of these products!!
Green Shield Organics is so wonderful they have offered a Giveaway of their fine products to TWO lucky winners ~ Simply ENTER below to WIN a Summer Cleaning Bundle
with A T-Shirt and Coupons. There will be TWO  WINNERS  ~ Simply enter using the Rafflecopter Form below at the very bottom of this post~  Good Luck!!
DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free as compensation for this review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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WINNER:  Casey Everidge


Natural House Products  recently sent me a 30-day supply of Sinky, Trashy and Flushy to try!! [Read more…]