Blog Her ’12~The post BlogHer Blurr!!

As I sit here tonight and think back, it’s really hard to believe it’s been a whole week since BlogHer.  It’s all kinda a big blurr, and it was a crazy hectic weekend and went entirely too fast.

From 8/2/12-8/5/12 approximately 5,000 bloggers invaded New York City!!  The  official fesrtivities began Thursday!  Registration was open from 1-9, followed by an Expo Hall Preview and a few parties!!   Tim and I drove to NYC on Thursday~other than the traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel and the $12 toll to get through it our trip was pretty quick and uneventful.  New York City is only a two hour drive from South Jersey!!

We stayed at The Muse Hotel on 46th street!  Our room and stay could not have been better!! The staff was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable!!  The concierge even sent Tim and I an expensive bottle of champagne to our room.

The conference was at the Hilton on 54th street.  I have NEVER had such a difficult time getting a taxi in NYC as I did this weekend.  It was easier to get a cab to the Hilton than FROM the Hilton, but Tim and I pounded the pavement both weighed down with bags all weekend long.

There were parties and private events ALL OVER THE CITY!!   Tim and I attended  private parties by Retail Me Not and the National Restaurant Association. We also went to the unoffical BanShe party and the official BlogHer Parties Sparklecorn and CheeseburgerHer!!

Some of the things I did without Tim were Mom Select Swag Suite, the Laugh out Loud with Poise Party, the CVS Getting Gorgeous event,  the Dodge DeCompression Spa (where I was treated to a 20-minute massage) and the 45+ Theme & Beauty of Wisdom BLoomers Party.  Here I am at that party with my new friend Lori, Poise’s Menopause Blogger!!

My favorite part of BlogHer was connecting with many brands and PR reps, and more importantly some of my friends that I spend each and every day with on Facebook.  

I absolutely LOVED hugging each and every one of them every time I saw them ~ It made me so happy to see people like Tammilee Tips just walking down the street, and hanging out with her and  Laura from Another Cent Saved and Money Saving Michele at the parties!! Here we are at Sparklecorn!!

TammileeTips, Another Cent Saved, Money Saving Michele and Shore Savings with Patti at Sparklecorn


I got to meet and chat with people like Cori from Cori’s  Coupon Corner and Kim and Kristin from It’s Free at Last and Freebie Corner who I’ve been friends with for a long time, and also met new friends like Kim from Mommysavers and D’Arcy from The Dealyo!

I had a fabulous time at my first BlogHer and can’t wait to go to Chicago for BlogHer 13 in July!!

I will talk a lot more about BlogHer, the people I met, the events and THE SWAG in the coming weeks now that I have “recovered” from the weekend.  I don’t know if it was all the walking, the lack of sleep or just that I’m not as young as I used to be, but I can honestly say my weekend at BlogHer literally had me wiped me out for A WEEK…

Patti & Cori from Cori’s Coupon Corner at BanShe

This is from CheeseburgerHer~We got McDonald’s bags and craft supplies and had to make hats!  YES, they served McDonald’s cheeseburgers




Thank Goodness we drove!!


I'm going to BlogHer '12

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I am proud to have them as my full sponsor for BlogHer ’12

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