Could a Dog be Good for Your Family?

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At some point or other, your kids have probably asked for a dog. It’s a common childhood request. As our children grow, they become more interested in pets and the idea of caring for something. The imagine running around the park with their pet, cuddling up to them while they watch a movie and introducing them to all of their friends.


If you had a dog in your family home as a child, you are probably keen to give your children the same fantastic experience. You might have bought a dog as soon as you settled into your own home as an adult, maybe even before you thought of having children. But, if you didn’t, or if you’ve never had a pet of your own, you might be feeling a little more reluctant to say yes.


The kids are thinking about all of the positives. But, you might be worried about all of the other elements of owning a pet. You might have noticed that your kids get bored with things quickly, and you might be worried that a dog would be no different. You might find it hard to imagine your kids getting stuck in with the less fun parts of caring for an animal and you might be worried that you’ll end up taking on all of the chores yourself. You might even have concerns about how a dog will fit around your work schedule, and where they will stay while you go on vacation. But, there are many benefits to owning a dog. Here are some of the reasons that getting one could be great for your family.


It Will Love You All


One of the best things about a dog is that it loves you. Other animals, take all of your attention and give you little in return. A dog loves you. They give you their loyalty and affection. Kids need to be surrounded by love. They can never have too much. A dog will always be there for them. As they grow, their dog will give them love and support. It will be someone for them to talk to and gain comfort from when they are going through a hard time at school.

It’ll Teach the Kids Responsibility


A lot of work goes into caring for a pet like a dog. A Yorkie needs attention, grooming, walking, washing, feeding and more. They don’t just sit in a cage happily on their own. There are many ways to teach your kids responsibility. But, a dog might be the best and the most interesting.

As soon as you decide to get a dog for your family, assign your children jobs. Get them involved as much as you can and it will become a normal part of their day to day life.

Initially, they’ll happily take on the extra chores because they are excited. Then, even when the excitement wears off, they’ll love their dog, and happily look after them.


You’ll Always Have Something in Common


As your kids get older, they’ll start to feel like you’ve got nothing in common. They’ll think that you are ancient. You won’t understand their life at all. It can get harder and harder to find common ground. This can make it hard to have a positive relationship. But, it’s essential that you do. Being able to have fun with and talk to your children means that they will always trust you. They’ll confide in you. They’ll know that you are there for them when they need you and they will listen to you.


A dog gives you the common ground that your relationship desperately needs. You’ll always have something to talk about, something to do together and something that gets you doing spending more time together.


It Will Help You to Keep Fit



Dogs need to walk. Some breeds need more activity and exercise than others, and some are much more playful than the relaxed dogs that love nothing more than curling up on the sofa for a cuddle. But, they all need to be walked at least a couple of times a day.


This means that you need to walk too. Even if your whole family has a walking rota, so that no-one has to do every walk, you’ll be doing more steps. Try to all go for walks together when you can, to get more activity as a family. You could also have fun at the park together, running around on the grass and playing ball.


You’ll Make Memories


People that had dogs as kids never forget them. They’ve got countless memories of having fun with their pet and their family. Many of their childhood stories are about their times with their dog. Getting one gives your family the chance to build memories to draw on and think of later. Memories that will make them smile, and tell tales of a positive childhood.


They’ll Learn to Care for Something Else


Your children love you. It’s built into them. But, learning how to love something that depends on you is different. A dog will teach them how to be needed and how to love. It will help them to learn about compassion and empathy and teach them to do things for love.


This can help them to build relationships in later life and even give them the skills that they will need when they have their own children one day.


They’ll Always be Happy to See You



One of the very best things about having a dog is that they are always happy to see you. When you’ve had a terrible day at work, and you are in a bad mood, when the kids are driving you mad, and you feel alone, a dog will always come and cuddle you. They’ll excitedly wag their tails as you walk through the door, and they will always be happy to see you. The same goes for the kids. When they’ve had a tough day at school, getting home to a happy and excited dog can be the perfect pick me up.

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