Can You Build a Career Around Your Beliefs?

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If you have strong beliefs, whether they’re related to faith, politics or your morals and values, you might be considering how they can fit into your career. You don’t want to have to compromise your beliefs for your work, and this is often fairly easy to do. However, some people want to go further and build a career where their beliefs are a stronger influence on their work. You might be looking for a career that allows you to practice your religious beliefs or perhaps one where you can work toward a goal that lines up with your core values. Here’s how you could do it.


Know What You Believe In


Before you can grow a career that aligns with your beliefs, you have to define them and how they affect your outlook on life. You might think about how you believe others should be treated and what basic rights you think everyone deserves. Or you could consider what you think your purpose in life is, and how you might sculpt a career that could help you to fulfill it. Defining your beliefs should help you to work out how you want to approach your career, and how you want your values and morals to help you make career decisions.

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Choose the Right Studies


When you’re thinking about how your beliefs might shape your career, you can consider whether there are any particular studies that could help you. If you want to use your Christian beliefs to help others, you could learn about the intersection between science and faith with an online Christian psychology degree. If you want to begin a career working toward gender equality, you might want to complete a degree in gender studies or women’s studies. Think about both the courses you could take and the places where you could study.

Find Different Ways to Apply Your Beliefs


Building a career around your beliefs doesn’t necessarily mean directly working with others who share your beliefs. You might choose to work for a religious charity, for example, but if you’re interested in charity work, you could equally work for a non-religious charity that happened to do work aligning with your beliefs. Consider whether your aim is to share your beliefs with others or simply to use them to do things you believe are worthwhile. If you do want to share your beliefs with others, think about whether you want to do so within a particular framework, organization or group – whether that means a particular religion, political party, or something else.


Discover a Balance


It’s important to find the right balance between your beliefs and your career. While you can use your beliefs to guide your career decisions, you can’t always let them rule your every choice. You need to think about how much you want the two things to interact, and when it might be more important for your career to take the front seat over your beliefs, and vice versa.


If you want to build a career connected to your core beliefs, think about how you can apply them in a professional context to discover your calling.

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