Vinyl Flooring and its Types

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Vinyl flooring is a popular flooring option in the market today. It is a popular choice for many homeowners because of its strength, durability, and its attractive designs. It can mimic other flooring types such as laminate or wood. Vinyl flooring is made up of PVC which makes it basically waterproof and stain resistant. It is a new type of resilient flooring which means that it is an artificial composite floor such as rubber or plastic. It is popularly used in kitchens and bathrooms where there is a lot of foot traffic but it does not mean that it cannot be used in other rooms of your house.


Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are two types of vinyl flooring to choose from:

  1. Printed Vinyl

Printed vinyl is the best option because it contains a wear layer. This type of vinyl is very comfortable and highly affordable. The quality of this flooring depends on the thickness of the wear layer. So, when purchasing your vinyl sheets or tiles, do not forget to ask about this information.

  1. Inlaid Vinyl

Inlaid vinyl has more fine quality and it is a little bit more expensive as compared to printed vinyl. It is heavy and needs a professional to install it.


Both of these types come into forms: sheet and tile. Vinyl tiles are used in commercial settings where traffic is high. It is stronger than vinyl sheets. The quality of your vinyl floor also depends on the finishing which is used on it. There are three surface coatings which are usually used: no wax, urethane and enhanced urethane.


The most basic form is vinyl no wax which is mostly used in those areas with less foot traffic. They only have single coating so it is less durable than other forms. For slightly more foot traffic areas, it is advisable to install urethane. It has double surface coating and stain resistant. For busy areas of your home such as kitchen and living room, it is highly recommended to install enhanced urethane. It has a high quality finish that can withstand heavy foot traffic and stains while still looking shiny and new.


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