Want To Eat Outside When It Rains? You Can!

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Can there be anything more appealing than being surrounded by nature? That’s probably why most households are excited about the summer, when they can finally enjoy the outdoors and have lunch under the sun. There’s something terribly comforting about eating outside; it’s as if it made your food tastes a little more natural. After all, it’s in human behavior to want to be one with nature. One can only be whole when one is part of something bigger. However, the main problem with eating in nature is that it’s typically limited to a handful of months during the year. Could you make the most of your outdoors at home? The answer is yes! You can even eat in the middle of nature when it’s raining. Here’s how:

Eating inside and outside


Build your summer oasis

The first step to eat outside is to make sure that your outdoors are exciting. It’s about creating a patio that you want to spend time on all summer long! Start by designing a sturdy patio with a quality flooring area to avoid issues with mold and rust as soon as it gets moist. You can also add some decking to keep it protected from the wind. The area needs to be comfortable, which means you should make sure that your guests are protected from the weather and that there’s plenty of inviting seats. Nobody wants to eat outside if all you’ve got is an old plastic table with some foldable chairs.

Set your patio ready for summer

Is it a little cold?

With a decking, you can start enjoying life on your patio as early as March until late in fall, assuming that you can find a way to stay warm on your patio. Could there be anything better than enjoying your first meal outside at the beginning of spring? Surely, that’s all you need to wave goodbye to the cold winter! Besides, you can also add some thick blankets for the cold nights throughout the year. So there’s no way the temperatures can keep you away from your cozy outdoors.

What about those rainy days?

Admittedly, it can be difficult to imagine eating on the patio when it’s raining. But have you thought of building a conservatory extension? You can still have the feeling of dining in the garden, even though you’re under a roof. If you love a good rain, there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a warm stew while you listen to the rain falling. You can even bring a little bit of nature inside by adding houseplants in your conservatory.

Give me some fire

Last, but not least, even conservatories tend to be ignored during the winter months. Indeed, it can be challenging to feel warm when all you see around you is snow and icy rain. But you can fight the long night with a wood burner, which will give your conservatory all the heat it needs to take you on a journey into the middle of nature throughout the entire year. Picture the scene: You’re sitting in front of the wood burner, drinking a cup of hot cocoa while watching the snow slide on the glass roof.

Don’t let the weather decides when you should go outside. With the right setting, you could eat every meal in the middle of nature, without getting wet or cold!


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