Never Feel Like You Have Any Money? Here’s Why…

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Do you feel like you get paid, and then poof, all of your money seems to disappear? This happens to many people, and you’re going to find out why. Some of the pointers here might seem strange, but hear them out and give them a chance before you decide that they’re wrong. If you begin using the tips here, you might just start feeling like a more abundant person – and along with that feeling often comes more money. Read on to learn more!


Your Mindset And Attitude Towards Money Are Bad

Having the right mindset and attitude towards money is absolutely crucial if you’re going to change your financial situation. Having a money mindset can truly be the difference between feeling like you have more than enough and feeling like you don’t have enough at all. How can you change your mindset towards money? Read more books around money and making money. Watch YouTube videos of people like Anthony Robbins, who make great talks about money and how to make it. Try tapping, and visualizing. Become grateful for every bit of money that comes your way, and even more grateful when you’re able to spend it – even if it’s on bills. These things might seem weird, but they are all imperative to changing your mindset.

For both attitude and mindset, you really need to think about money as an energy. If you’re looking at money in a negative way and not feeling grateful for the money you do have, you’re going to repel it. The more positive language you use surrounding money, the more money you should find flows your way. You need to completely change your belief system and the old stories you are telling yourself. You need to convince yourself that money is attracted to you, that you’re a money magnet, that you’re worthy of having as much as you like. You need to stop looking at money as bad, the root of all evil, or feeling that you’re greedy for wanting it. These things take time, so be consistent and start now.


You Waste Money

Perhaps you don’t feel like you have money because you waste it. Most people waste untold amounts of money on things they don’t really need. Buying fancy coffee and eating out can be a huge drain on the finances. Perhaps you’re going to the supermarket hungry and buying more food than you need. Maybe you’re buying lots of clothes and shoes that you barely wear. Maybe you haven’t made the effort and found the cheapest car insurance using You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting the best deal when it comes to your energy supplier, internet supplier, and any other utility supplier. Look at all of the ways you could be wasting money and come up with a plan on what you need to do about them.



You Can’t Say No

Perhaps you feel like you can’t say no to people. A friend asks you to attend a fancy brunch and you get fear of missing out, so you go even though you know deep down you can’t really afford it. Maybe you’re scared of making them think you’re a let down. Ultimately, you need to stop caring what other people think and realize that you’re probably not missing out on much. If you really want to take part in these events, you need to make sure that you’re consistently putting money away so you can afford them. Learn how to say no, and only say yes if you know something is going to be worth your money and time.


You Don’t Have Any Plans Or Goals

Setting financial plans and goals is essential if you want to start feeling like you have control over your finances. What do you think your financial goals should be? Perhaps you want to save up a few months of living expenses so you can leave your soul destroying job and find a new one. Perhaps you just want to have a big enough cash cushion to have peace of mind. Maybe you want to save for a new car, or a fancy holiday. Set your goals and then come up with a plan to meet them.


If you never feel like you have any money, these tips are going to help you to change the way you see things. Remember, using positive language when it comes to money and being consistent is absolutely key. Eventually, you can rewire your brain and your financial situation should change!


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