What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

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Find out what your hairstyle says about you! Source

Your hair can’t talk, but if it could, it would have a lot to say. Most of us assume that choosing a certain hairstyle is all about how it looks. However, did you know that different styles say different things about you as a person? It’s true, and we’re going to have a look at a few common hairstyles to see what they say about the people who wear them

Have a look at the list of styles down below, and see if you can spot ones you often wear!

Straight Hair

Do you get up in the morning and spend a lot of time and effort straightening your hair? If you can’t leave the house without perfectly straightened and sleek hair, then that says you’re something of a control freak. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means you like being in control of things, and being the badass boss. Powerful women in management positions often go for the sleek and straightened look because they know it conveys a sense of dominance and gives them a feeling of being in control. It also shows that you’re something of a perfectionist, as this hairstyle takes a lot of care and attention. You either do it perfectly, or you don’t do it at all!

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, then that equates to a carefree, fun, and easy going personality. People with curly hair tend to seem a little bit less wound up than people without curly hair. I think this is because it’s quite a daring look to style your hair in curls every morning. As you can see here, some of the curly and wavy hairstyles are complex and can be hard to perfect. So, you have to have a carefree nature to try this style. If you don’t, then you’ll quickly get annoyed by all the curls and knots that occur! There’s just something fun about curly hair – it’s different to what we’re used to seeing on TV and in magazines. If you ever see someone with curly hair, you normally think they’re friendly and fun to be around.

Short Hair

Short hair is a really daring look to go for because you don’t see it often. These days, more and more women are starting to go for the short look, but in the past, it was almost as rare as a unicorn. Naturally, this hairstyle conveys pure confidence in the wearer. Short hair is the hairstyle most open to criticism, so you have to really be self-confident when you wear it. People will see you walking down the street, and you’ll notice in their eyes that they see as a bit of badass. It’s the type of hairstyle you should try if you really want to give off a confident aura.

Long Hair

Long hair, don’t care. Turns out, this is much more than a popular Instagram caption, it’s actually a great way of describing your personality if you have long hair. You simply do not care about much, you’re very laid back, and you just like going with the flow of life. I mean, think about the style itself, there’s not a lot to it! You don’t really have to do anything with this look, other than not cut your hair. Some say that people with long hair are a bit immature, but I think that’s unfair. It’s more than you’re in touch with your inner child, and you’re not afraid to have some fun and live your life.

Crazy Plaits & Unique Styles

If you like putting your hair in crazy plaits or creating unique styles, then it shows you’re a very creative person. Again, you’re quite confident because you’re not afraid to try something different. You don’t care what other people think, but you’re also very fun at the same time. A lot of quirky hairstyles remind me of the wink emoji; they’re just a little bit cheeky!

Hair Tied Up

When you wear your hair up – either in a ponytail or a bun – then it shows you’re very organized. People that opt for this style have control of their life, and often follow routines and stick to a structure. They’re the ones you find in libraries studying hard or working their butt off in an office.

There you have it; this is what different hairstyles say about you! One thing I’ll ask is whether or not you agree with what’s been said? Have you found your style and been blown away by the accuracy, or thought it’s complete nonsense. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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