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Nectar Sleep Mattress #Giveaway – Winner’s Choice of Size!! ~ Ends 4/14/18


You can’t beat the convenience of shopping from home!!!

It’s quick, easy and convenient, and you can pretty much buy ANYTHING online in this day and age… Even a new mattress!! 

Have you ever tried a memory foam mattress?  They’re sooooooo comfortable!!
Sponsored by Nectar and Hosted by Powered by Mom
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ORB TOYS PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY (Includes Orb Slimy, Braini Putti and Soft ‘N Slo Squishies) – Ends 4/7/18

Sponsored by It’s Free at Last and Hosted by Orb

New fads are always fun, but who ever would have thought that something like slime would be one of them??

Making your own slime seems to be the rage right now, but some people just aren’t crafty or just prefer to buy things like this already made!!I

Filling Easter Baskets with non-candy items can be challenging, and ORB products are make a  great and affordable addition to baskets for kids!!

About Orb

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Sponsored by PeachSkinSheets and Hosted by It’s Free at Last

EVERYONE loves clean sheets….I don’t know about you, but NEW CLEAN SHEETS are hard to beat!!

I don’t sleep well to begin with, and have hot flashes all night long, but I always sleep so soundly when I have new sheets for some reason!! 

About PeachSkinSheets

The Original PeachSkinSheets are perfect for hot sleepers! These breathable, ultra soft, anti-pill and anti-snag bed sheets feature thermal control and moisture management properties. Best of all, they have a luxurious 1500 Thread Count softness with a brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides. Available in Split King, Cali King, King, Queen, Full, Twin and XL Dorm Twin and XL Dorm Full.

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MyCharge Adventure Ultra #Giveaway – ($129.99 Value) – Ends 4/9/18




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Good portable chargers are pretty much a necessity in this day and age!!

myCharge has an amazing line of products, and chargers to suit everyone’s individual needs!!

About the myCharge AdventureUltra

Rechargeable 13400mAh portable charger

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Enter to Win One of Two Smit Co Sets – Journals for Girls – Reach for the Stars and the Bamboo Hooded Baby Bath Set OR Pratley Quickset Clear Epoxy and Hawaiian Leis and Hula Skirt Set For Girls – Ends 4/6/18

SmitCo offers a great variety of products!  You can shop their great selection of products on-line, and have your packages conveniently delivered right to your front door!!

This giveaway is sponsored by SmitCo. All opinions are my own.

I have a super fun giveaway to share with you! SmitCo has 4 products that they want to give away! There is something for everyone! They sell many items so make sure you check out their store on Amazon. They have great prices and they always have a deal available!

Journals for Girls – Reach for the Stars!

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5 Useful Tips for Renting a Storage Unit for the first time

Are you running out of space in your apartment? Does the stuff in your home seem to multiply on its own? You are not alone. But, you may not know how practical and useful storage units can be. Less room being taken up needlessly can have a big impact.  After all, excessive cluttering can have the downside effect of limiting the efficiency of one’s own life and activities. Take a look at these tips and consider getting some storage space to free up your space, and your life.

Picking and Choosing a Good Location

As our need to accumulate has grown, so has the self-storage industry. From storage facilities in Manhattan to units in the middle of Nebraska to storage units in North Hollywood, you’ll easily be able to find an accessible facility. Of course, it should be within an easy driving distance – by truck or taxi. And, well-lit, busy areas are ideal because of the natural security that provides.

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Pearly Whites, Coconut Oil and Activated Charcoal Infused Teeth Whitening Strips Giveaway – Ends 4/3/18

Sponsored by: Pearly Whites Hosted by: My Four and More

You only get one set of teeth so it’s important to take good care of them!!

Over the years they can lose their luster and start to discolor!!

Luckily, there are super cool products like whitening strips to the rescue!!

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Simplify Your Garden for an Enjoyable Summer

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It may not feel like summer is around the corner, especially as the Beast from the East keeps making an appearance, but it will be here before you know it, and you need to make sure your garden is prepared. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to overcomplicate things, giving yourself an elaborate garden to manage over the summer months. You will spend more time maintaining your garden than enjoying it. With that in mind, read on to discover some useful tips for simplifying your garden for an enjoyable summer…

Purchase the right tools for your garden – It is not all about the design and appearance of your garden; it is about having the right tools to keep it this way. Having a hose stand so you always have a hose nearby is a good start. Aside from this, you may want to consider buying a mini rake, as this is a great time saver, as well as a blower, which is perfect for quick clean-ups and small jobs. [Read more…]

Britax Cool Flow Frontier ClickTight Car Seat Giveaway – Ends 3/31/18

Sponsored by: Britax Hosted by: My Four and More

When it comes to our children, they’re our most prized possession!!

All mama birds want to keep their babies safe, and car seats are at the TOP of the must-have list for all parents!!

Check out Britax’s Cool Flow Collection!!

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Preventative Care: A way to Save Money and Health

As we age, it seems like our bodies progressively decline. Quickly in fact, too. I do not consider myself old by any means, but it just seems like simple things that used to be so easy do not come that easy anymore. At a young age, it is easy to take your health for granted. Maybe you skipped out on a few doctors appointments, or maybe you stopped eating healthy and working out. I know what ran through your mind, too – you are already healthy, or you aren’t overweight, so why spend extra time and energy preventing what you are not? I understand your thought completely, but if you consistently have this mindset, one day you will look back and wish you would have taken that hour to go to the doctor, or skipped that donut that you ate, even when you were not hungry.


There is the saying “Pay for healthy food now, or pay for your health later,” and I completely relate to this. Paying for workout classes and healthy food is costly, but in the scheme of things, you will save so much more money by taking good care of yourself, in order to prevent bad health. That is why it is called preventative care, or preventative health. Although preventative care is usually dedicated for doctors visits, I think that it goes beyond that. Dental care, memory care, and all around total health should be considered preventative care, as well. Here are a few ways that you can prevent bad health, in order to save money in the long run:

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