Here is what you should do to make yourself look and feel beautiful

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There are so many ways to feel beautiful in this world – you shouldn’t need to rely on compliments from outside sources (although they are nice). Some people are lucky enough to feel this way naturally, but many of us need to actively work to feel at our best. Luckily, feeling and looking beautiful is something which can be accomplished with a few simple steps, which are available to everybody.

Be Confident

            You’ve heard the term ‘fake it ‘till you make it’, haven’t you? Try it. Act with confidence, stand up straight and look people in the eyes. When you catch site of your own reflection, smile at yourself. Notice the positives about your life and the way you look, rather than accentuating the negatives. If you act like you feel and look beautiful, then people will start to see you as beautiful. And you will start to believe it yourself.

Take Care of Yourself

            Taking care of yourself takes many forms, from taking care of personal hygiene to taking care of yourself through exercise and eating healthily. These things do take time, but they will make you feel much better overall.

Wash your Face

            You should wash your face regularly as part of your bid to look and feel beautiful – twice a day at least, in the morning to get the sweat and sleep away from your skin, and in the evening to wash away the dirt of the day. Washing unclogs your pores, and keeps your face clear of spots. Using a damp warm cloth before you wash can open up your pores to help get rid of the dirt, washing with a damp cold cloth afterwards can help to close them.


Take regular showers in order to keep your personal hygiene up – this is especially good with a sweet-smelling or soothing shower gel, to help you feel better about yourself on a daily basis. Good soaps can make someone feel much better over time, as the act of showering is now a good sensory experience.

Take Care of your Hair

            Washing hair daily can be damaging, so wash it every three days for preference, or every two if your hair is particularly greasy. Try to find a shampoo which is gentle in its effect, as otherwise your scalp may become dry and flaky, leading to dandruff. Once you have used shampoo to clean your hair effectively, use an equally gentle conditioner to make your hair smooth and shiny, and easy to detangle after being washed. The best way to use conditioner is to smooth it through your hair (avoiding your scalp if your hair is greasy), leave it for around a minute, and then wash it out.

            When doing your hair in the morning, it is tempting to go for what is in style (normally using some form of heating to either smooth or curl it), but try going for a natural look rather than damaging your hair every day.

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