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Freeform, previously known as ABC Family, released their 2017 25 Days of Christmas movie schedule ~  WooHoo!! Find all of your favorite classic movies, and maybe even a few that you haven’t seen before, on this year’s schedule.   A lot of these movies are available to purchase on Amazon (some are even $5 or less),  so click the title of the movie if you’re interested in seeing a description of what the movie is about or to see how much it costs to buy it.  Movies make great stocking stuffers, and both kids and adults love watching these holiday classics over and over again!! 

Which of these movies are your favorite(s)??   

What movies aren’t on this year’s list that you would like to see on next year’s list??

Friday, December 1

Saturday, December 2

Sunday, December 3

Monday, December 4

Tuesday, December 5


Wednesday, December 6

Thursday, December 7

Friday, December 8

Saturday, December 9

Sunday, December 10

Monday, December 11

Tuesday, December 12

Wednesday, December 13

Thursday, December 14

Friday, December 15



Saturday, December 16

Sunday, December 17

Monday, December 18

Tuesday, December 19

Wednesday, December 20

Thursday, December 21

Friday, December 22

Saturday, December 23

Sunday, December 24

Monday, December 25

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