Secret Solutions To Looking Good For Less

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Life isn’t cheap. Family life is even less so. Hence, we do what we can to save where we can. But, sometimes our saving priorities get a little skewed. Many of us do what we can to cut our grocery bills, while paying full whack for designer clothes, or expensive makeup.


Why? Because we want to look good. Looking good means feeling good, and that’s important. But, before you make your next big beauty purchase, consider whether you could get it cheaper. That’s right; it’s possible to save on appearance, too. And, we’ve got some pointers to help you do it.

Homemade makeup

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Many of us spend a shocking amount on makeup. And, as we buy things item by item, we don’t even realize. But, for proof, keep your makeup receipts for a month. The chances are that you’ll be surprised by how much you spend. Add foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and all the rest, and you’re soon looking at a hefty bill.

The good news is, makeup is an easy area to save money on. And, doing so could be better for your skin in the long run. In case you hadn’t guessed; we’re talking about homemade makeup. Recipes like the ones found at, could dramatically slash your makeup costs. For the most part, they involve ingredients you’ll already have in your cupboards. Of course, it’s not easy giving up those makeup items that you love. So, after you next stock up, try out one homemade thing at a time. It’ll seem strange at first, but you’ll soon get used to those alternatives.

Bag a bargain

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Another area we spend a lot of money on is accessories, namely bags. And, like makeup, we don’t even realize we’re doing it. The terrible thing is, those bags are a sideline to our main outfit. People don’t even notice them a lot of the time. Hence, there’s no point spending big bucks.

There are a few ways around the bag issue. Most obviously, investing in a staple black or cream bag will ensure you won’t need a bag for every outfit. If you have your heart set on a vast collection, know where to buy them. Sites like DealDash, as reviewed on, offer the chance to bag real bargains.

Or, you could head to selling sites on Facebook, which offer some second-hand gems.

Hair-raising deals

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Last but not least, we spend a lot on our hair. If we have short hairstyles, we need to get them cut every few weeks. And, if we use coloring, too, the price only gets worse. As you did with makeup, save all hair receipts for a month, and use them to estimate your yearly costs. The chances are, they’ll be hair-raising.

But, a little intelligent shopping can see a major reduction. You can usually find money off coupons online for a hair salon somewhere nearby. You won’t get to build a relationship with a regular hairdresser this way, but you could save yourself a fortune.

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