Think Big! Become A Successful Mompreneur

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You balance the stresses of running your own business and being a mom expertly. You count your blessings that you can wake up every morning, spend quality time with the kids before taking them to school and embarking on your second love: your company. Whether you are a mobile hair stylist or utilize your craft skills to make customized photo frames, you love the challenge of running your own business. Now it’s time to think about expansion, but you don’t want to lose the happy balance that you’ve achieved between work life and family time. Take a look at this guide to see you well on the way to the goal of becoming a successful mompreneur.

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Explore The Idea Of Diversifying


Whether you sell homemade greetings cards or you give makeovers from home, there are easy ways to diversify and spread your wings. Think big! What company would you like to emulate? Take a look at your potential competitors and test drive the services or products that they offer. Do they provide an exceptional level of customer service and is the consumer experience a positive one? Think about what you could offer. It’s time to turn that ‘work from home’ mentality into a ‘big business’ one.

Swallow Up The Competition


If you’re a large enough company, you may wish to broach the topic of take over. You could investigate your competitors and start networking. If a rival is struggling, do you see potential for working your business magic and turning it around into a booming profit making company?


If you are seriously considering buying another business, make sure you research a range of tax attorneys, so that you are receiving the necessary legal advice that you require. Buying another business is fraught with pitfalls and legal nuances, and you cannot embark on the take over alone. A high-quality tax expert will guide you through the process and always act in your best interests.


Think Global


You could also explore the option of expanding your brand globally. For those mompreneurs with big ambitions, a presence on the global stage is the ultimate goal. You will need to focus your marketing towards an international market. What can you offer potential consumers worldwide? If you produce top quality products, find yourself an exporter to see your brand across the world.


Attempt to forge links with retailers that already have stores across the globe. Make a list of potential shops that you could see your product being sold in. Organize meetings with the purchasing managers of these companies and broach the idea of a trial run of your product line. If you can get your product on the shelves of these shops, your brand is being seen by a whole new potential customer base.

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Hone Your Online Presence


If you haven’t done already, make sure your online presence is as effective as it can be. Ensure that your website is appearing high up the search engine rankings by enhancing your SEO. Nobody searches for a product on Google and makes it to the eleventh or twelfth page.


Ensure that your social media channels are active and relevant. Pitch to your niche target market and consider expanding to a new one. Post regularly, at least once a day and find the voice of your brand. If your product is aimed at the twenty something hipster, ensure that your tone matches with wit and a hint of sarcasm. If the yummy mummies are more your market, make your tone informal and chatty. Get the technology in your home business ready. A solid online presence is the perfect foundation from which to launch your business expansion plans.


Physical Location


If your main trade is through a physical store or shop, consider opening up sister branch and starting a chain. Construct a well thought out business plan, detailing where you see your company in five years time. If you are a hairstylist with one salon, how long do you think it will take you open three, six or ten? Don’t run before you can walk and ensure that you are achieving a consistent profit at the end of each financial year. If you’re not ready to open the fourth branch, then don’t. Focus on enhancing the three successful salons that you have and seeing them thrive.

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Expanding your business can be the scariest experience of your life. However, your entrepreneurial spirit won’t allow you to hold back and rest on your laurels. You will want to take your company from strength to strength. By following this guide, you will be able to strive for business expansion success.


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