5 Filthy Places You’re Overlooking in Your Home!!

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What if somebody told you that after spending a few hours cleaning your home, there were still a few places you might have overlooked? Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to forget about some key areas, which if left uncleaned, can actually make your family sick.

Most of the time, these places are either hard to reach, like ceiling fans, or somewhat hidden from sight, like air filters. Other times, they’re in plain sight and you just don’t know they can be a hazard to your family, like kitchen sinks or toothbrushes.

Discover the following five places you’re overlooking in your home:

Computer Keyboards

Image via Flickr by john_a_ward

Many people don’t realize how filthy computer keyboards can be. But, if you eat on top of the keyboard or never wash your hands before using your computer, you might have a problem. Researchers have found germs like E. coli and Staphylococcus from keyboard swabs. You should always gently shake the keyboard or vacuum it, to ensure there are no trapped food particles, and also wipe it with alcohol daily to eliminate the hazardous germs.

Kitchen Sink

Did you know your toilet bowl can sometimes be cleaner than your kitchen sink? It sounds crazy, but the majority of people never sanitize or even clean their kitchen sinks. As you wash your plates and glasses, little pieces of food might stay lodged in the sink and become a breeding ground for bacteria like salmonella or E. coli. The best course of action is to use a solution of bleach and water and clean it once a day (making sure it also goes down the drain).

Ceiling Fans and Air Filters

What do ceiling fans and air filters have in common? Dust, and if you’re not careful, lots of it! There are many places that collect dust, but if you don’t clean your ceiling fan regularly or replace clogged filters, you might be spreading and trapping potential allergens in your room. These allergens can cause respiratory problems, so by cleaning the fans and filters properly, you’re also improving the indoor air quality of your home.


After you brush your teeth, you tend to rinse your toothbrush and leave it to dry. However, bacteria loves to grow in damp areas and that, unfortunately, includes your toothbrush. If it’s near the toilet, it can also collect droplets of toilet water when you flush, which can also be a problem. Replace your toothbrush regularly and let it air out away from the toilet.


It’s hard to think that the place you use to wash yourself can be dirty and carry hazardous germs, but that’s indeed the case. Water can get trapped in the pipes and breed dangerous bacteria. You should always disinfect it using bleach after bathing.

At the end of the day, to make sure your home is properly cleaned, you just need to educate yourself and pay attention to the details. Once you understand the potential hazards and eliminate them, you can relax knowing you home is germ-free.

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