10 Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Help Decorate your Home!!

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Taking care of and decorating your home can be great fun.

It can also be super expensive!!

Whether you’re moving into a new house or have lived in your current home for years, there are a lot of easy and inexpensive ways to accessorize your home!!

  1. Adding accent pieces and fun nicknacks to any room are a very easy way to make your house appear more homey.  You can always find fun, and sometimes a bit strange, items at yard sales, antique stores, thrift stores, the boardwalk, mall, well, pretty much everywhere you go!!  You also certainly can’t go wrong with a vase of flowers on a table.
  2. Souvineers from favorite vacations add character to any room.  They also make a great conversation piece.  Collect shells at the beach and display them in a glass vase or basket on a shelf or in the bathroom.
  3. A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a room.
  4. Baskets are a wonderful catch-all to keep things tidy and organized.  Keep one in each room and toss any random objects laying around inside. This will help to keep rooms clutter free and tidy, and will also make it easy to find that glue stick you KNOW you saw in the kitchen earlier.
  5. Framed artwork and photographs are the perfect way to add a personal touch to a room.   You can even frame some of your kids artwork and display it around the house!!
  6. Throw rugs and blankets can add instant coziness to any room.
  7. Living room curtains are a must!!  They make the room feel complete and also help preserve your privacy!!  You certainly can’t go wrong with quality, custom-looking curtains for a fraction of the cost from a places like curtainsmarket.
  8. Candles or reed diffuser sets are just a couple of great options that also keep your home smelling nice.
  9. A fish tank will add instant peace and serenity to any room!  
  10. Look online for living room decoration ideas.  A favorite blog like The Wardrobe Stylist is a fabulous place to start!! 

DIY (do it yourself) projects are also very popular nowadays, and you can pretty much find tutorials online for any project you might choose to undertake.    Refinishing old furniture has become very popular lately!!  Even a can of spray paint can breathe new life into a dingy old item you’ve had laying around for years!!

Being a homeowner can be very expensive.  Remember ~ there are also a lot of instructional videos available for free, so before you call the plumber, repairman, etc, check online to see if your problem is something you can take care of yourself before calling for costly help.  You might just surprise yourself, and save yourself a few bucks at the same time.

Whether you’re changing your decor for the next season or holiday or just to give things a fresh, new look, you can add plants and topiaries to pretty much every room in the house!!

What are some of YOUR favorite decorating ideas?  Share them in the comments below!!



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