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Website Investments to Make

Are you thinking about creating a blog or website for yourself, or your company? Well, you have come to the right place! Creating a website is a fun and easy way to promote your business online, but it does take a bit of work. Of course, you can go with the bare minimums and not make a ‘fancy’ website, but if you want readers and word of the mouth recommendations, there are a few things that I believe you should invest in to get a return, which means increased traffic, opportunities and sales for you. Check out my list of ways to improve your website and make smart investments:


Web hosting and domain name

This is where a lot of first time bloggers and business owners go wrong. You think you are starting a blog to get more readers, but your credibility goes down (a lot) when you do not have your own domain name and do not host it yourself. For example, are you more likely to trust or I’m thinking that everyone would trust the words of the first option more than the second, and on top of that, more Google searchers are more likely to click the first option compared to the second.

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Staying Cool As A Cucumber On School Sports Day



That time of the year is almost upon us – summer sports days at school! Kids love having the day off lessons so they can do some sport instead. And parents and relatives love spending the day out on the sports field watching all the kids race and play different matches! It’s a fab way to spend a hot summer’s day.


As you will all be outside for a long period of time, it is important that you and your children take some important precautions so that you don’t end up suffering from heatstroke or sunburn. This is especially important for your children as they will be exerting themselves in all that exercise! Here are some great tips that should help you both staying as cool as a cucumber.

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Healthy Tips For Cooking At Home

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We all want to live the idyllic healthy lifestyle when it comes to the food we eat at home, but there’s far more to that than eating all your vegetables and avoiding sugary treats. The very nature of the environment in which you’re cooking has a huge effect on your health when it comes to making your dinner each evening. Here are some healthy tips based on aspects of cooking at home that you may not have considered.


The kitchen.

There are lots of obvious factors to consider when keeping your kitchen healthy. Surfaces should be cleaned regularly, and hands should be washed before handling food; you may have to wash them several times during the cooking process if they come into contact with unhygienic parts of your kitchen. Some more specific advice that you may not have considered, however, is to store your food sensibly; don’t keep fatty or greasy foods contained in plastic because you don’t want chemicals to end up in your food. Glass and stainless steel are safer for storage. [Read more…]

Style Your Man: Dos, Dont’s & How To



Style isn’t something you noticed about him when you first started dating.


You were more focused on what he was like; if he told good jokes; if you felt comfortable around him.


The early stages of falling in love weren’t a time to focus on his style either. You were too busy cruising on a wave of dopamine and oxytocin to care about that. Every moment was precious; you weren’t going to waste it talking about the way he chose to dress.

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