Technology Can Help You Save Money

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When you say ‘technology’, most people think of expensive iPhones and games consoles, and although there is no denying that buying the latest tech can set you back a princely sum, the right technology can also save you money. If you’ve already splurged on the gadgets, you might as well get them working for you, right?


Here are some of the best ways you can make technology work for you:


Money-Saving Apps


If you have a smartphone, you can download a number of apps that will save you money. From apps that give you cashback every time you make a purchase to companies like Uber, which will enable you to spend less of the cost of transport when you need it, there’s always an app that will help you out when you need it.


Use Peer to Peer Rental Sites


If you haven’t heard of peer to peer rental sites, it’s time to do some homework because they could save you a fortune. Basically, a peer to peer rental site enables users to offer their stuff for rental for a small fee, which means you can make money by offering things like your spare room, garage or even household appliances for rent, and you can save money by renting from your peers rather than buying many of the things you need access to.


Go Paperless


Many companies now charge you a few dollars less if you go paperless and have all of your bills and statements delivered electronically. It might not seem much, but over the years, you can save money by doing all of your day to day stuff online.


Find Discounts

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If you have access to the internet, you can find discounts for just about anything you might need. There are even websites which bring together all of the internet’s coupons, sales and discounts in one place, so you don’t have to put much effort into finding them and saving a bundle.


Cut the Phone Cord


If you still have a landline, and you also have a smartphone and internet access, you’re probably wasting money. Some people either need a landline for a very specific purpose or feel safer having one in case of an emergency, but the vast majority of us could save tens of dollars each month by cutting the cord and using our smartphones in conjunction with Skype and an Internet only service.


Install a Smart Thermostat

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It might cost you to install a smart thermostat, but once it’s up and running, it’ll pay for itself and more in no time by giving you ultimate control over your heating via an app, which means that you will never have to use more energy than you need again. Not only will this benefit your wallet, but it’ll do great things for the environment too.


Monitor Your Spending


There are a number of apps that can help you keep track of your spending and stay on budget. By installing one on your cell, you will have more control of your finances and have an easier time-saving money.


How do you use the latest technology to save money and spend less?


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