The University Of Life: A Graduate’s Guide To Post-Degree Financial Survival

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They told you that studying hard to get a degree would open up a world of riches, but you’ve now realized that the real world is a lot tougher than you imagined. The dream you was sold wasn’t an honest reflection of reality. The general economic situation, along with the volume of graduates, makes it very difficult to walk into that well-paid career.


If you’ve found yourself at the bottom of the ladder or in another role altogether, then you are not alone. Unfortunately, you cannot afford to feel sorry for yourself. You should still continue to apply for the positions you want. In the meantime, though, you need to think about your immediate and future finances.


There’s no point in sugarcoating things, and this could be a very difficult moment in your life. Here’s what you can do to keep your head afloat.


Appreciate & Act Upon Your Situation


The unsatisfied graduate is an increasingly common part of our society. Not only are you earning only a little more than someone that has come straight out of school, but you’ve racked up huge debts in the process. This can leave you feeling down and out, but you cannot ignore those factors.


Educating yourself with info about student loans and bankruptcy is vital for anyone in serious problems. Even if you’re currently surviving, you should try to find out about any available entitlements and financial support. Seriously, those elements could go a long way to reducing the financial strain.


Failure to act now will only see you lose money in the long run.   



Cut Your Monthly Spending


There’s a good chance that your income isn’t anywhere near the level you expected it to be when you started your degree. The best way to compensate is to start living in a more cost-effective manner.   


That’s not to say you should miss out on life’s little luxuries. However, finding cheaper broadband and cutting your monthly grocery bills can work wonders. Meanwhile, simple habits like cycling to work can save money while increasing your health. Let’s face it; getting your body in its best shape will make you feel a little better about the whole situation too.


If finances are truly stretched, you could look at sharing your rented property with a friend or another tenant too. It might not seem ideal. But if it opens up the opportunity to enjoy your life without drowning in more debt, it’s well worth making the sacrifice.   


Speak To Others In Your Situation


As mentioned above, you aren’t the only recent graduate who is currently a little disappointed with the way things have turned out. Quite frankly, the nationwide problems aren’t only impacting people in your situation. With this in mind, it’s important to stay positive and keep aspiring for bigger and better.


In the meantime, one of the best things you can do is network and speak to others. Other graduates in similar positions may be able to help you save money or manage student debts. Meanwhile, networking with people from a similar background may even open up opportunities to start a business of your own. After all, there are times in life where creating your own opportunities is the only answer.


Apart from anything else, knowing that you aren’t alone can work wonders for your general self-esteem. At a time like this, the right attitude may be your greatest weapon. Not least because it will stop you from making further errors.


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