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PRI Manuka Honey Prize Pack Giveaway $90 value – Ends 3/7/17



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Honey harvesting dates back 8000 years on a rock painting  found in Valencia, Spain!! The painting is of someone looking for honey robbing a wild bee colony. Fast forward 8000 years later to this day and age.  Honey is available in many different forms, and there is a vast assortment of honey-containing products!! [Read more…]

Superior Source Vitamin 6-Pack ($90 Value) Giveaway – 2 Winners – Ends 3/3/17 #SuperiorSource

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If there’s one thing Tim and I learned this past year, it’s that life’s too short!!  We try to do our best to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of ourselves.  If you don’t have good health pretty much nothing else matters!!  Exercise, eating right and taking vitamins are part of our daily routine!!

Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual® – “Under the Tongue Technology”. They work fast and are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds – NO pills to swallow! Supplements that are swallowed lose as much as 50% of the potency in the high acid environment of the stomach. Be sure and read our thoughts on the Superior Source MicroLingual® vitamins and supplements here. [Read more…]

ENTER TO WIN A 43″ TV FROM MOXIIIE SUPER JUICE ~ Ends 3/3/17 – @moxiiiebrand #Moxiiie

This information is brought to you by Moxiiie. All opinions are my own.

January is full of New Year’s Resolutions.  Dieting is one of the most popular resolutions people make.  It’s also one that tends to get broken easily!!  I have been following a heart-healthy diet and watching what I eat since I had a massive heart attack in August.  I definitely notice that I feel much better when I incorporate healthy foods into my diet!!

Now that January is over, are you still thinking about your health? Are you still exercising and watching what you eat? I have something you can add to your daily routine that can help you achieve optimal joint health, cardiovascular health, eye health and Anti-Ageing.

MOXIIIE Juice provides the best health solution for Cardiovascular health, eye health, joint health and tons of amazing fruits and juices in an easy to take, delicious tasting juice with 4ounces a day. They use only high amounts of high-grade juice concentrates, purees and juice powders/extracts. They focused on the fruits that really help support this formula and left out the “Label Fluff” of small amounts of added fruits simply to make the label look bigger. [Read more…]

A Foolproof Guide To Saving Money On Your Broadband

For many of us, our broadband bill is a real balance drainer. It costs a lot every month, but it’s an expense we have to live with. In this piece, you can feast your eyes on three easy tips that will help you save loads of money on your broadband in the future. Give them a read if you want to start saving:


Pay For What You Need

These days, loads of people get caught up needing the fastest internet ever, complete with unlimited download limits. Normally, this means having to pay for the top package, which costs a lot of money. But, you can save loads of cash by looking at things from the perspective of your home. How much broadband does your home actually use? If you live alone or with a partner, then you won’t use as much data as a family of four. As such, the need for fast broadband won’t be as severe. You can get away with a mid-range package, and everything will be fine. If you don’t use the internet for video streaming or other things that require lots of data to be downloaded, then you really don’t need the best packages around. It makes sense to assess your usage, and pay for what you need. This way, you don’t waste money, and you get cheaper broadband. But, even if you do need to pay for the most expensive package, at least you know you’re getting your money’s worth. The last thing you should do is spend big on a top package and not get much usage out of it. [Read more…]

Save Now, Spend Later: How To Look After Your Cash

Are you a big spender?

If you are, it’s hard to stop buying. Buying gives us rewarding feelings, and you can’t stop it. You can’t resist the urge to use your money right there and then:

“If you’re a spender, you can’t delay the gratification. With cash in front of you, just like the marshmallow, you can’t resist the urge to have it right now even if you’d have more later. That’s why you don’t have much savings in the bank, but it doesn’t bother you. You’ve been happy making purchases and enjoying them in the moment. It’s worked out well enough for long enough, so you just stick with the habit. But if you’ve realized that you’re trending toward extreme spending, then you’re probably looking to kick or curb your habit.”

Buying on impulse is dangerous, and you won’t have much of a financial future if you keep wasting money. Spending and enjoying life is good, but if you can find ways to cut down, do so. Set some money aside and save. There are plenty of great ways to save money and the best time to start saving is right now!

If you need some advice, get rid of the credit cards if you are overspending, high-interest rates are a trap you’ll never get out of. Credit cards are useful tools, but if you do have issues with spending, you’ll find it easier to spend cash that doesn’t technically exist.


When purchasing you should ask yourself some serious questions before you make the spend. Do you need the item? Can you actually afford it? Do you simply want it for short-term gain? You need to know the difference between what you want, and what you need. If it is something you need, like a new computer for work, shop around to get the best model for the best price.

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SICK DAY SURVIVAL KIT GIVEAWAY (Including a $25 Target Gift Card, Ice Age Movie and MORE!!) Ends 2/23/17

I don’t like getting sick.  I got the flu shot for the first time this year, and I am so glad I did because it has helped me avoid getting the dreaded winter flu!!  When I get sick I just want to be left alone.  A blanket, good movie and some medicine are my must haves!!

We have all experienced a sick day from time to time. Whether it is with little ones or ourselves, it is always good to have a Sick Day Survival Kit prepared for that moment. Read more about 5 must-haves for every sick day survival kit for kids. [Read more…]


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Whether you’re female or male, a watch is a great accessory and wonderful way to compliment any outfit.  It makes you look and feel put together!!  Most people use their cell phones to keep track of time in this day and age, but there’s nothing like attaching a beautiful watch to your wrist!!  I absolutely love watches, and am intrigued by wood watches!!  They’re so pretty and fashionable!!

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Jack & Jill Prize Packs Giveaway – 3 winners #JackNJill

Open to US Only – Ends 2/20


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Enter to Win Natural Products From Jack N’ Jill Just in Time for National Tooth Fairy Day! Plus, one grand-prize winner will receive a $50 VISA Gift Card!

Good dental hygiene is a very important thing to teach your children!!  They only get one set of teeth, and teaching them to take care of them at a very early age is such an important thing to do so why not introduce  them to a safe, natural line of products designed specifically for children!!

Jack N’ Jill is a natural toothpaste for babies, toddlers and children that is safe to swallow. It was first made in Melbourne, Australia in 1949 and it has been a family business for more than 20 years. [Read more…]

Enter for a Chance to win this SIX Swissvite Essentials Giveaway!! Ends 02/20/17

Trying new skin care and cosmetic products is something I truly enjoy, and now that I am (ahem) 50+, I need all the help I can get trying to keep myself and my skin looking and feeling it’s best!!  I know my readers enjoy hearing about new beauty products and having the chance to win them!!


Swissvita Skin Care Giveaway

Open to US Only Ends 2/20

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I love snacking.  I used to do it all day and night, every day and night, but since my heart attack six months ago, I have been watching what I eat, and as a result I haven’t been snacking as much!!

Toastee’s are a wonderful snack option for me!!  They’re perfect any time of day!!


Toastees Giveaway  

Open to 48 US States & DC – Ends 2/15

Hosted by : My Four And More      Sponsored by: Almondina [Read more…]