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DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for this review.


The HSI Ceramic Flat Iron Glider slides through your hair like a hot knife through butter, leaving your hair super straight, silky and shiny!!

The Glider hair flat iron straightener  has 1 inch high quality ceramic plates!!  There are eight (8) HeatBalance micro-sensors (4 on each plate) that control the flat iron’s temperature and evenly distribute the  heat so that fewer passes are needed to effectively straighten your hair, which helps protect it  hair and prevent over exposure from the heat!!

The ceramic plates heat up super fast, in a matter of seconds, and leave your hair very smooth and free of frizziness. 

Turn the knob to adjust the temperature between 140 and 450°F. I like using it a 300 degree-ish setting!!  My youngest daughter is a hairdresser and discourages me from using too hot of an iron.  She always tells me NOT to “fry my hair”!!     My hair has thinned tremendously through the years, and for that reason alone I try not to use a super hot flat iron.  I don’t like my hair burning my fingers when I touch it because it’s so hot from straightening it, and I don’t like it to smoke or sizzle as I slide the straightener through my hair!!

The HSI Glider’s floating plates have curved edges so it also works to curl your hair. Sometimes I straighten my hair and sometimes I curl it, and I love tools that have more than one use so I do like the fact that this tool will both straighten and curl my hair, (although I am still learning how to use it to curl….my girls are good at it, but me – not so much)!!   With that being said I do love the HSI Ceramic Flat Iron and how quick and easy it works.  It does a great job of straightening my hair in less than 5 minutes!!


HSI Argan Oil Thermal Protector spray is worth checking out!!  It helps protect your hair as you straighten it.  It hydrates your hair and helps to make it smooth and prevent frizziness, and is safe for both natural hair and extensions, and it’s light fragrance is fresh and clean smelling!!

HSI’s Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Treatment leaves my hair feeling and looking unbelievably SHINY, silky and healthy looking….did I say SHINY?  Just smooth a dab of it across your hair, and you won’t be able to stop feeling how great your hair feels after using this product!!

BUY HSI FLAT IRONS and hair care products on the HSI website HERE.  You can BUY HSI FLAT IRONS ON AMAZON and at your favorite beauty supply stores!!

Check out HSI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to learn more about them and their great line of products!!

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