Too Much Month Left At The End Of The Money? Quick Cash Hacks That Can Save You From Borrowing

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Countless people find themselves perpetually in a state of trying to make ends meet. When there is too much month left at the end of the money, we’ll try anything to ensure that we don’t fall through the gap. We’ll look at any advice out there on how to make that money stretch just that bit further.


All too often that advice is not written or spoken by people with a real idea of what it’s like to struggle. Oh, so you’re saying I should swap out premium brand products for cheaper alternatives? Let me just put back these six bottles of champagne. Of course, you’re right! By halving my caviar budget, I’ve saved enough to pay for gas until February! Thank you!

If you haven’t considered that buying cheaper versions of what you already buy is a way of saving money, no advice on Earth will save you. We know that. The problem is when even after you’ve made those savings, there’s still a shortfall. That’s not as easy to finesse. And it is a reality for many people.


We don’t want to take out payday loans. We know borrowing is expensive. But prices are high and salaries don’t rise to match them, so what do you do? Your best hope, right now, is to find another income stream. The reality check here is that it may not make you rich. It probably won’t. But it can cover bills, and give you the breathing space you need.

Selling Services Online

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Online money making is one of the leading growth industries for the companies offering the chance to make money. For the people trying to earn a buck, it’s not always as lucrative. Yes, doing surveys and signing up for cashback sites will both save you money and get you payouts. But that’s not what I’m talking about.


Sites like Fiverr have been springing up that allow you to make money in lots of small payments. The list of things that you can do for $5 is dizzying and in some cases embarrassing. The most important thing, though, is that it’s diverse.


If you’re good at writing, you can write blog posts for $5 a time. Though that’s not a great rate and it’s time-consuming, so what else are you good at? Can you do a funny voice? Offer to record jingles for small businesses. Is your moral bar low? You can break up with people’s partners for them. Yes, everyone will and should judge you if you do that. It’s just an example.


How’s Your Hair Looking?

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Alternatively, there are always people ready to pay money for things they don’t have. Human hair is something that is actually in high demand these days. If you’ve taken care of yours, are not a smoker ( and don’t dye your hair, it could make you some cash.


Sites like give you helpful advice on how to make this a reality. One helpful piece of advice from this point is that if you have long hair, you can make this pay more than once.


If it’s down as far as the small of your back, it would be a shame to cash that all in in one go. Get a price per inch and see how much you can make. Hair takes time to regrow, so cutting it back to your shoulders means you can’t do it again in a month’s time.


Exploit People’s Laziness

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There is an episode of the Simpsons in which Homer accidentally coins the motto “Can’t Someone Else Do It?“. Little did the writers know that fully twenty years later that would be the ethos behind entire industries. There are many people who will pay good money rather than do jobs which aren’t difficult but are annoying.


Are you good at putting together flat pack furniture, for example? It’s not difficult – the instructions are right in front of you. But it is fiddly and off-putting to a lot of people. Off-putting to the point that they will pay the cost of a good restaurant meal for something that will take you an hour or two. Other little odd jobs can be just as lucrative.


As noted earlier on, none of this is exactly going to turn you into a millionaire. But these are relatively simple tasks that people are prepared to pay others for. In all but the final example, they really don’t take much time. And if they work out, then even when you’ve got on top of your budget you can still do them for a little extra. It’s better than googling “Is there a cheaper version of Budget Cola?”.

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