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VOLTRON TOYS GIVEAWAY ~ Ends 02/07/17 – #HeartThis

Jan 31 – Feb 7, 2017
Open to USA

It AMAZES me how many different shows are available on Netflix in addition to movies.  I have many friends who have cancelled their cable and rely exclusively on Netflix for their viewing content these days!!  It really is a great way to save a couple hundred dollars a month.  Many of the popular shows air additional seasons, and some even have skin offs and complete product lines!! Voltron is one of those shows.

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

Voltron Legendary Defender

Sponsored by DREAMWORKS

VOLTRON Legendary Defenders are some of the popular series on Netflix. Running for its second season, this series has truly generated a strong fanship and following. Teaching our children to be strong in the moments when it is easy to be weak and give up, Voltron Legendary Defenders has something of value to offer. [Read more…]

Brentwood Home Runyon Orthopedic Pet Bed Giveaway (arv $200) ~ Ends 02/13/17

Brentwood Home Runyon Orthopedic Pet Bed Giveaway!

US Only – Ends 2/13

Brentwood Home is well known for their bedding and mattresses, but did you know they also make pet beds??   Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Chloe and Zoey!! They’re little dogs with BIG personalities, and I love them to pieces!!  Between my own puppies and the foster puppies that come and go from our house, I always have a lot of dog beds around, and I was EXTREMELY surprised when I found out that Brentwood Home also makes pet beds!!  
Be sure and read our full review on this pawsome orthopedic dog bed. [Read more…]

Entenmann’s® NEW Little Bites® Chocolate Party Cakes + $25 Visa Card Giveaway!! Ends 02/08/17

Entenmann’s® has been around since 1898!!  With 100+ years of experience, it’s no wonder all of their products taste so good!!  

Now it is the time of year again where Entenmann’s® Little Bites® releases a fabulous new, seasonal flavor. From now until May, you can purchase and enjoy Entenmann’s® Little Bites® Chocolate Party Cakes! [Read more…]


Sponsored by Teleflora and Hosted by Powered by Mom

I absolutely love receiving fresh flowers ~  especially for Valentine’s Day!!  In my twisted little mind it’s not officially Valentine’s Day until the flowers arrive!!  I love the way they look and smell, and they immediately brighten up any room in the house. They also brighten my spirits when I look at them or pass by and notice their fragrant aroma.  Roses have always been my favorite, but I also adore mixed bouquets.

Whenever you’re looking for flowers, check out Teleflora.

They have a vast assortment of beautiful arrangements!! [Read more…]

LUGZ Mallard Men’s Boots Giveaway – Ends 2/9/17

The weather has been so unpredictable this winter, and although we have only had one substantial snowstorm here in South Jersey, I am sure there are more to come!!  I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring and the lazy, hazy days of summer to follow, but first we have to get through this winter!!


Keep your feet warm this winter in a pair of LUGZ Mallard Men’s Boots. Be sure to read Kristin’s full review on how they work.

1 winner will receive a pair of LUGZ Mallard Men’s Boots in select size and color!

Giveaway is open to US Residents, ages 18+ years of age (limited to one entrant per household). [Read more…]


If you need or want a new laptop, here’s a chance to win one!!  I have joined together with some bloggers to give you the opportunity to enter to win this totally fabulous prize!!

This Giveaway Ends 2/12/17, and is open to  US Only!!

The Kangaroo Notebook is a 2 in 1 and not like you are used to. This has 2 PC’s in 1. Meaning, that there are 2 modules (called Kangaroo Mini) that come with it. The modules are what make the computer work. Having them separate allows you to separate your things. Say you do homework, or work stuff but also use it for personal or let your kids use it. This way, one module is only for your work/homework etc and the other for the kids or whoever else. Then, nobody can get things mixed together, docs don’t get deleted by mistake. [Read more…]

Protecting Your Home And Assets? It’s What Any Money Saver Pro Would Do

Home ownership or having any form of assets can be a worrying thing to many. From houses to cars these assets tend to have a high value to us, and of course, means we have spent our hard earned cash to purchase them in some way. So it’s important that we protect those assets as best we can. After all, if anything were to go wrong with them, they were stolen or damaged in any way, then the financial burden is left to no one else but us. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can protect your home and assets.



Protect your home from opportunists


It is a sad fact that burglary is on the rise for many areas, and so it is more essential than ever that we protect our home. Not only are our houses are biggest assets, but they tend to hold many of our possessions that not only have significant value, for example, jewelry or technology but they may also have a sentimental attachment. Burglars will try and get into your home in any way that they can to steal these items, so it’s worth installing an updated security system to ensure that your home is protected. You can do research online and check out things like safe home security reviews to better inform yourself. There are other security measures you could take. You could consider installing video cameras, a higher boundary around your home or even assess the current locks you have on your doors and windows. Make sure your home is protected when you’re in it and when you have vacated it.   [Read more…]

Make Your Move Cheaper And Easier



Like many people, you may be getting plans together to move to a new home in the near future.

Again, like many people, you might be remembering the last move you had to help out with, and dreading the prospect of all the stress and chaos on the horizon. While I can’t make moving a total picnic, here are a few tips to make it cheaper and easier… [Read more…]

Taking Proper Care of Your Shoes to Make Them Last

No matter if you have a closet full of shoes or if you have a handful you rotate throughout the week, it’s essential that you know how to take proper care of your shoes so that they last you for as long as possible. There’s also the fact that the longer your shoes last, the less you have to spend on brand new shoes. Use these tips to take care of your current shoes as well as any new shoes you buy in the future.

Polish Your Leather

If your shoes are made from leather, you’ll want to keep them well polished so that they retain their appearance and overall comfort. In fact, some say it’s a good idea to polish your new leather shoes before you wear them. Use a quality leather polish for the best results, one that has helpful ingredients like shea butter and mink oil for maximum polishing and conditioning. Give your shoes a little polish every time you slip into them, and be sure to go to extra lengths to take proper care of them after venturing out into bad weather. [Read more…]

Tips for Being a Penny-Pinching Pro

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Penny-pinching is often used as a pejorative to describe the kinds of people who won’t part with a single penny even for a good cause, but true penny-pinching isn’t quite so mean. A real penny-pinching pro is someone who knows the value of money and how to make the most of the cash they have available to them by using a range of tips and tricks to pay less for the things they want.


Whether you want to save money to buy a new phone or car, or you want to amass enough money to put a down payment on a new home, penny-pinching can help you achieve your goals more quickly than you might have imagined possible.


Here are some top tips which will help you become a penny-pinching pro in no time at all: [Read more…]