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DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for this review.
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Imaginary play is one of the oldest toys in the book!!  These days it’s also one of the most overlooked thanks to technology and everyone being plugged in pretty much 24/7.  I sat in amazement as I watched my (almost) two year old great niece navigate the pictures of my sister’s iPhone to the video of my pet turtle!!   If fact, I think she and her big sisters who are six and eight could probably TEACH me a thing or two about MY iPhone!!  What ever happened to good old fashioned toys, and using your imagination at two, six and eight years old??!!?

Thumb-things finger puppets will have both kids and adults using their imaginations once again!!  Thumb-Things are “handmade with love,” and because they’re hand made, each one is unique and no two are the same!!  They were originally made by the Incas of Peru, and the tradition of making them has been passed down from generation to generation.  They are still created using traditional methods.  You can read the story behind these super cute finger puppets HERE, and fall in love with them as well as the story behind them!!

These finger puppets are hand knit, and very well made with a lot of attention to detail!!  If you really take a good look at these and inspect them, you will absolutely love and appreciate the workmanship put into making these little guys!!  I love how each and every stitch of them are hand made!!


With over TWO HUNDRED finger puppets to choose from, you will have a hard time picking some out!!   Their puppet collections feature farm animals, teddy bears, sea creatures, people and MORE!!  They even have puppets for things like Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings and other holidays and special occasions!!   How cute are the pig, turtle, cow and tiger??!!?  They’re sure to put a big smile on anyone’s face!!  

Click HERE to browse their vast selection of finger puppets and to shop now!!  Which is YOUR favorite??  Use code: FUN to get 5/$20, and shipping is FREE on orders $20+!!   Follow Thumb-Things on Twitter, Like Thumb-Things on Facebook, check out Thumb-Things on Pinterest, and connect with Thumb-Things on LinkedIn where you will learn more about them and their products!!

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