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DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for this review.

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Take your morning coffee experience to a new level with the Ninja Coffee Bar!!  This is the coffee maker  I have been waiting my entire life for!!   Whether it’s a traditional cup of hot coffee or a nice mug of iced that I’m craving, this pod-free system gives me the perfect cup every time!!!

I have been a heavy coffee drinker through the years!!  In fact, coffee has been my drink of choice for many, many years now.  I have used a lot of coffee makers over the past 30 or so years, and I have been using a pod system for about five years now.  I am also the first to admit that I am a total coffee snob, and at first  I wasn’t too sure how I would feel about this traditional sort of coffee maker!!  


I liked the way it looked when I unpacked it.  It was a bit larger than my old coffee maker, but also rather impressive looking!!  It’s hard to believe something like this actually exists for home use!!  

I thought it was pretty cool that the Ninja Coffee Bar gave me 4 coffee brewing options:

  • Classic 
  • Rich 
  • Over Ice
  • Specialty Drinks

I prefer ninja light to medium roasts, so I went with classic and the strength was to my liking!!

This machine allows you to brew a full carafe, half carafe, travel mug or single cup of coffee. This set even comes with a nice large travel mug and straw!!

Since my heart attack I don’t religiously have morning coffee anymore, but sometimes I’ll have a morning cup and other days I’ll have an afternoon cup.   I rarely have coffee with my husband since Tim leaves home around 5 AM for work, so the different options are perfect for us!!   Tim especially loves that he can set the timer and have his coffee brewed right into his  travel mug before he even wakes up!    

This machine also has  a little pull-down cup shelf, which is perfect if you’re using a coffee cup or travel mug!!  If you  brew in the carafe and select that setting, this machine automatically switches to warm when it’s finished brewing, which keeps the coffee in the pot the perfect drinking temperature!!  There’s nothing worse than the taste of old or burnt coffee, and this helps keep your coffee fresh tasting!!  It also shuts off automatically after two hours so you don’t have to worry if you left the coffee pot on once you leave home for the day!!

Another thing that makes this machine so fancy is that there is also a milk frother built in to it.  I drink my coffee black, but when the girls are home for Christmas next week I am sure the milk frother will be frothing away like crazy between the two of them.  There’s also a nice recipe book included, which I definitely can see being used a lot over the next week or two as well!!I don’t remember ever seeing a home coffee machine with one of these before!!  There’s also a measuring scoop attached to the side wall for when you need it!!

I really like the versatility of this machine!!  There’s a perfect brew for everyone with all the options!!  I also like how you can adjust the strength of the brew so if you like strong coffee you can make it more robust than someone who wants it weaker!!  It is one of the most fabulous kitchen appliances I have ever owned!!

Anyone who is a coffee lover would absolutely be head over heels for this deluxe system!!  It’s adaptability suits everyone’s individual needs, and it really does brew the perfect cup EVERY SINGLE time!!  Every cup tastes so good and fresh, and whether it’s hot or cold it gives you amazing tasting coffee!!

You can buy the Ninja Coffee Bar at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and your other favorite retail and department stores!!  You can also buy THE NINJA COFFEE BAR HERE ON AMAZON!!

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