How To Earn Money Through Facebook

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Many of us spend hours a day scrolling idly through Facebook. It’s a recreational activity for most of us, something to pass the time. The idea of using Facebook to make money might seem ridiculous to some people. But there are people worldwide currently using the platform to earn a living. Here are some of the way people are using the social media site to make a quick buck…

Facebook stocks

Investing in stocks may seem risky to some people. But the price of Facebook stocks seems to be only on the increase, with more and more people using the social media giant in their everyday lives. Stocks in social media might have seemed risky a few years, especially with sites like Myspace proving to be brief fads. But Facebook’s continuous rise since 2004 and its permeation into popular culture has convinced people that it isn’t going anywhere soon making it a lucrative investment opportunity.

Buy and sell groups

These Facebook groups allow people to buy and sell items with other users and have become increasingly more popular. Facebook has recently made them more official, introducing a bid option. Many are local groups, so you can save on delivery price, plus you get to meet your buyer/seller in person unlike with services such as Amazon and eBay. So, if you have any items you’d like to sell, but aren’t prepared to trek out to a second hand store or auction house, why not simply log onto Facebook and sell your wares from there.

Use Facebook ads

If you have a product you’d like to sell, you can create a Facebook page for it and then promote your page by running an ad. This ad will be sent out to hundreds of random Facebook users around the world. If they click on your ad they will be sent to your Facebook page where they may decide to buy your product. Instead of linking people to your website, you can now get people to buy your product directly off your Facebook page. Some people have made a lot of money from this tactic.

Manage other people’s social media

Companies, public figures and musicians will sometimes employ people to look after their social media for them and create regular content. Many understand the power of social media and its ability to reach out to many people around the world, but few have the time to regularly sit down and create engaging content. For those with sprawling Twitter fanbases and an uncanny ability to get lots of Facebook likes, this may be the job for you. Big world brands may devote an entire department to social media, dealing speedily with complaints on Twitter, brainstorming huge social media campaigns and making the most of Facebook’s live stream feature. There is now even an award for social media campaigns! Working for the right company, Facebook can be big business.

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