For More than 85 years Hartz has been providing Exceptional Pet Care Products – your Cat will LOVE these items!!

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DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for this review.


For more than 85 years Hartz has been solely focused in delivering exceptional pet care product for consumers so you can be sure you’re getting the best money can buy when you select their products!!  If you’re looking for some fun things to pick up that your cat will absolutely love, look no farther than Hartz!!


cattoy HARTZ Just for Cats Catnipped Filled Twirl & Whirl is a super cute and fun interactive toy that will provide HOURS of entertainment and enjoyment for your favorite furry feline friend!!  Tease your furbaby as you watch her jump, twirl and whirl around as she swats at this catnip filled toy!!  

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Hartz Just for Cats Bell Mouse and Roll About Mouse Toys are so darn cute it’s no wonder the cat wants to play with them!! These Little Mousey Balls have adorable whiskers, eyes, ears and darling little bell tails.  These toys will stimulate your kitty for hours on end!!  The Roll About Mouse Toy is catnip filled and has a fun, feathery tail, which will provide HOURS OF FUN for your cat!!  


If you’re like me and have a lot of cats, and a grandkitty, the Hartz Just for Cats Value Pack is a MUST!!  It’s filled with 13 fun balls and toys with different shapes and textures, and your kitties will absolutely love that you picked this up!!  

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Hartz Delectables Stew, Delectables Bisque and Delectables Bisque Senior 10 Lickable Treats come in your kitty’s favorite flavors like Tuna, Tuna and Chicken and Tuna and Whitefish!!  My girls…and boy(s), like anything with Tuna in it and these are no exception!!  Open the packets, pour them into a bowl and indulge in the delight of watching your furry friend indulge in the wonderful taste and texture of these!!  

Take a look at the Hartz blog or check out Hartz on your favorite social media sites like  FacebookTwitter, You Tube and Google Plus!!  You can BUY YOUR FAVORITE HARTZ PRODUCTS HERE ON AMAZON, and you can also purchase them from your favorite mass retailer or pet specialty store!!

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