Vellabox Offers Quality, Toxin-Free, Lead-Free, Healthful, Hand-Poured Candles!!

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DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for this review. 


If you or your special someone enjoy candles, you will love Vellabox.  Choose from three levels of subscriptions: The Standard, The Aficionado and The Luxe. If you’re a subscriber of the The Standard box, you will receive one candle (apx. 4 oz) month. With the Aficionado box, you will receive one candle (apx. 8 oz) each month.  With The Luxe box, you will receive two candles (totaling apx. 12 oz) each month.


Each Vellabox candle is hand-picked by the Vellabox Candle Curator, and are always all-natural, non-toxic, and clean burning.  You will also find a special bonus gift in your box each month along those same health forward lines!! This gift compliments the candles enclosed inside your box!! 


Inside the Vellabox I received, there were two candles that were attractively packaged. I loved the first impression, their presentation, the way they were wrapped and the cloth they were wrapped in.

Tucked inside my Vellabox was also a Madagascar vanilla, almond and honey granola bar, the flavors of which appropriately complimented what was inside my box.  Attached to the inside of the lid of the box was a card with an inspirational verse on one side, and on the other side was a “Featured Favorites” list detailing what was inside my Vellabox along with a brief description of the items.

 I received the Luxe Box, which had two candles inside.  I frequently use candles, but always buy the same scents so a Vellabox subscription is a great way to experience different scents you might not normally select. 


There was a smallAmber Vanilla jar candle by Often Wonder:  This candle had a hint of both amber and vanilla that combined nicely into a pleasant, sweet, welcoming scent that both women and men would enjoy!!   This candle’s label was patterned with pretty, neutral colors that would match pretty much any decor.  I really like this candle, the way it looks and the way it smells, and I think most people would find it appealing.


My box also contained a larger jar candle by Clint Candles, with a cute deer head on the front.  It was firewood spice and smoke scented, which was a combination of a fruit, pine and spice smell. Both the look and smell of this candle was very appropriate for the month of December!!

Vellabox does not place beeswax candles in their boxes in order to stay as vegan as possible.  A lot of what you’ll find in their boxes are soy, coconut or vegetable based waxes.  They do not place paraffin candles in the box nor do they allow lead wicks.  When possible, they select candles scented with 100% essential oils!!

With a Vellabox subscription you are billed for your first box immediately when you sign up. After your first month, you are billed on the 1st of each month going forward, and the boxes will ship on the 5th of the month.  There are three different subscriptions to choose from, so there’s one to fit everyone’s budget, and you can select a 3, 6 or 12 month plan!! Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 11.25.34 PM  

CLICK HERE  to check out the different Vellabox subscription plans!!

There is not an option to purchase individual boxes, but there IS a VELLABOX CANDLE SHOP HERE, where you can explore and purchase candles individually!!

A Vellabox is a wonderful gift idea.  With $10, $20 and $30 options, this will fit everyone’s budget!!

Check out Vellabox on Facebook,, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest!!  CLICK HERE to shop Vellabox’s website now!


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