The Thinium ReCHARGE All in one Charger is Lightweight, Portable and Charges your Cell Phone Super Fast!!

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DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for this review. 

thinium all in one collage

Most people have a cell phone in this day and age.  In some households like ours, cell phones have even replaced a land line!!  If you rely on your cell phone like I do a good portable phone charger is a MUST so you can recharge anytime and anywhere!!  There have been many times when I’ve needed to charge my phone, but was out shopping or to dinner and didn’t have an outlet available so I always try to keep a portable charger with me.   I’ve tried a lot of different ones, and some  are just  too big and bulky…others take forever to charge my phone.  

The Thinium ReCHARGE + all-in-one charger charges your phone super fast!!  IT’S CORDLESS so you don’t have to carry around bulky cords with you.  It’s very thin and lightweight, and you can tuck it away in your pocket, handbag, etc.  It has a built in iPhone charger (iphone 5 and newer), a foldable plug, and comes with two little suction cups that will help your phone adhere to it when you use it!!  It also has a built-in USB connector, and you can even use it to charge two devices at the same time!!


The Recharge+ has a high density, 3000mAh Li-Polymer battery pack that will charge your phone battery 1.5 to two times before you need to recharge it!!

It’s features include:

  • 3,000mAh USB AC portable charger
  • Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, and most other USB devices
  • Charges up to two devices simultaneously from an AC outlet or USB charging source
  • Slim design folds closed for travel
  • LED light battery level indicator
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Built-in wall prongs
  • Micro USB charging dock
  • USB port
  • Built-in USB connector
  • Measures approximately 1/2″H x 5-1/2″L x 2-3/4″W
  • ETL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Imported

It is available for both apple and android, and comes in either black or white!!

This is a great little charger!!  It charges your phone super fast and it’s convenient, lightweight and easy to use.   I love how  everything is built in and how you don’t need ANY cables whatsoever with it.  I also like the way the retractable plug pops out and folds back in!



It is available at Walmart, Best Buy and other fine retailers, and you can also CLICK HERE to buy it “on the Thinium website, or  CLICK HERE to buy the Thinium ReCharge+ on Amazon!!

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