Never Lose your car again with the Zus Smart Car Finder + Dual USB Car Charger!!!

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DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for this review. 


Sure we’ve all forgotten where we parked on occasion!!  It’s such a drag when that happens!!  NEVER lose your car again with the Zus Smart Car Finder & Dual USB Charger!!  ZUS is both a car finder and USB car charger. It charges your mobile devices at it’s max speed and finds your car with the companion iOS/Android app!!  

ZUS is super easy to use!!  Just plug it in, install the app, connect and you’re DONE!!

ZUS automatically remembers where you’ve parked your car when your engine turns off. When you need to find your car, simply open the ZUS app.

Now you can go to the mall, stadium or any outdoor event without worrying about remembering where you parked!!  

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ZUS’ is also an awesome charger!!  It’s smart device detection identifies your mobile device automatically and sends it the fastest charge possible.  ZUS can quickly and effectively charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Nexus 5X, Galaxy and other non-QC mobile devices at their max speeds, and because it’s a DUAL USB CHARGER, you can charge two devices at once!!  This is great when my husband and I are out together and we both need to charge our phones!! Since I have an iPhone and he has an Android this also eliminates the need for multiple chargers. 

The ZUS app also includes a BONUS Parking Meter Alert to help prevent expensive parking tickets!!  How great is that??!??  

ZUS comes with a one-year warranty and friendly customer service that can be easily reached seven days a week, and ZUS’ ElegantShine lighting ­­provides top of the line lighting for enhanced visibility in dark environments.

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ZUS’ handy indicator lights are very easy to understand!!

  • When the lights are out, ZUS is off work, with no electric current output from the USB port.
  • When the lights are flickering, ZUS is at work, with electric current output from the USB port. Meanwhile, ZUS is disconnected and waiting for the ZUS app to connect with it.
  • When the lights are on, ZUS is at work, with electric current output from the USB port, and ZUS has been connected with the ZUS app.

ZUS was created to be useful to the everyday commuter, traveler, parent, student, and professional. ZUS was built to help people save time – time saved from searching for your car and from charging your devices, so that you can spend it on things that you really care about.

Anyone would love to find the ZUS inside their stocking this Christmas!! It costs around $30 and is available HERE at the official ZUS store.  You can buy the ZUS HERE on Amazon!!  


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