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Growing up in a house with a Polish mother and Russian father allowed for a lot of interesting dinners throughout the years!!

I was raised in the 70s with a strict religious Green Orthodox upbringing, which included not eating meat on Fridays….yes, EVERY Friday and not just during lent.

My mom was a homemaker and devoted endless hours to cooking dinner from scratch. Friday’s was ALWAYS Pierogi day!!  Pierogi is pretty much just a fancy name for Polish dumplings!! They’re great as a main dish, side dish or appetizer.

Fast forward 30+ years and I now find myself often making them for dinner, and of course it is usually a Friday when I undertake this project.  I call it a project because the first few times I made them it took me FOREVER…like seriously, ALL DAY, but after years of practice I can now whip out five or six dozen in an hour or two. I sometimes have to pick up a piece of longhorn cheese but usually I have what I need on hand to make these.  A $2.50 piece of cheese, four potatoes, two eggs and some flour makes enough Pierogi to feed my family dinner, with a few left over for lunch the next day.

The recipe itself involves several steps.  You need to make the dough, prepare the filling, and then make and cook the actual Pierogi.  

Make and prepare your dough.  Use 2 c flour, 2 eggs, a dash of salt and 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water.   Mix the flour, eggs and salt then add enough water to make a medium soft dough.  (If you add too much water just add more flour until you have the right consistency…dough should be soft).  After I prepare my dough, I cover it and refrigerate it until I am ready to use it.  This makes it easier to work with. I break off a piece at a time to work with, and keep the rest refrigerated while I’m making them.



There are several fillings you can use, but the most popular and our favorite is a longhorn cheese and potato combination.  I start by peeling 4 medium potatoes (to 1/2 lb of longhorn cheese). Peel and dice the potatoes and cook until soft (as you would if you were preparing them for mashed potatoes).  Grate the cheese and set aside.  Once potatoes are cooked drain them, add the cheese and mash together until you have a smooth mixture.  This is your filling. I always take it out of the mixing bowl and put it on a flat plate, which allows it to cool much faster.



Now, it’s time to make your pierogi. My husband recently bought me the Pastry/Pierogie board I have always wanted, just like mom’s!! If you’d like more information on where to find a board like this CLICK HERE


Before I had this I would just use my countertop.  I work with small sections of dough at a time.  My mother can roll a piece of dough out to what seems the size of a football field, but I am not so talented so I find that using small sections makes it easier for me.  I also have “Pierogi cutters” that I use to cut my circles out of the dough, but can remember back in the day when my mom would use the edge of an empty soup can to cut them….talk about improvising in the 70s  ~  LOL!!   Click HERE to order a 3 piece set of circle cutters of your own.


Making them is pretty easy.  Just roll your dough as thin as you can (paper thin).   LOTS of flour is the trick here!  You don’t want the dough to stick to the surface you’re rolling it on or the rolling pin.  After you roll out the dough cut as many circles out of it as you can, doing a “batch at a time”.



Then, in the center of each dough circle place a cheese ball of the mixture, and pinch the edges making sure you seal them tightly or the filling will boil out during the cooking process.

I also “fork them” to help seal them and make them look prettier.  


Set on well floured cookie sheet until you’re ready to cook them, and before you know it you’ll have an entire sheet or two full!



Roll extra dough pieces between your palms to make “Squigglies.”  Just add them to the boiling pot of water along with the pierogi.  Kids LOVE these!!



Cook by dropping in boiling water until they rise to the top (about 10 minutes). I cook 18-24 at a time (depending on what sized pot I use). 

Drain and rinse well (this prevents them from sticking together).


Serve topped with onions simmered in butter.  I slice my onions thin and slow cook them in the butter and the sweetness of them comes out and compliments the pirohi nicely.  Honestly, they’re not the same without them.


(Tip:  If you feel like your dough is too thick, you can always make your circles thinner by rolling them out again after you cut them).

(Trick:  Have your kids help by making small pompom sized balls of cheese/potatoes for you…you can always add more or pinch some off if they make them too big). 


Homemade Pierogi

Homemade Pierogi


Other popular pierogi fillings:

Sweet Cabbage:  1 c. cabbage, chopped, 1/4 c. onions chopped, salt and pepper.  Saute in butter over low heat until well browned.

Sauerkraut:  Brown one small can of sauerkraut in butter. Season with salt and pepper.

Cottage Cheese:  1/2 lb. cottage cheese, 2 T. sugar, 1 egg beaten, pinch of salt, pinch of vanilla.

Prune:  1/2 lb. prunes cooked and mashed.


PICTURED:  Sweet Cabbage Filling




  1. I love the potato ones, they’ve got great filling including cheese which I love


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