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I’ve heard about puzzle and interactive toys for dogs for a while now!!

About a year ago I bought a treat ball for my girls. As they play with it  treats come out of the little hole in the ball ~  it’s a pretty basic concept, and of course they love it so I thought maybe it’s time that I check out interactive puzzle toys for them.  I’m so glad I did!!

I found this Squirrel Hide-a-Toy online.  It’s THE BEST toy I’ve bought my dogs!!  You just put the (squeak toy) squirrels in the holes and the top of the tree trunk, and your dog pulls them out to play with them!!  My girls both go completely and totally nuts over this toy!!  They LOVE IT sooooooooo much!!  It’s seriously Chloe’s favorite toy EVER!!  Zoey’s too!!  They spend HOURS A DAY playing with their squirrels!!  They couldn’t love this toy any more than they do!!

You can even buy replacement squirrels for inside the tree trunk, and I’m considering buying some so I can put 6 instead of 3 squirrels inside my log.  Stuffing the squirrels back inside has definitely become a “part time job” for me with as often as they play with this!!  There are many different versions of this toy like bees and a hive, sheep and a pen, hedgehogs and a den, and MORE!!  They come in various sizes so you’re sure to find one that’s a perfect fit for your pooch!!  

CLICK HERE to check them out!!

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