Your One-Stop Guide To The Insurance Policies That Can Save You Money

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Sometimes, saving money is all about being in the moment. Do I order that delicious takeaway kebab, or do I stick with some sandwich meat and bread? Do I go out for those drinks to that expensive bar, or do I kick back with a glass of wine and Netflix? Do I really need to buy that luxury foot massage? (Hint: no).

The point is, we have to be careful at every stage of our lives if we want to save those pennies. However, being in the moment isn’t the only way we can save a bit of cash. Why not think long term? There are so many insurance policies out there that can help, and I bet you’ve got one of them. I also bet you don’t have all of them.

Generally speaking, they can protect us, forever, in the event we need to shell out a huge sum of cash on something. So why wouldn’t you invest in one? Here is your one-stop guide to a few of the biggest insurance policies available to you today, and how they can save you money!

Home and contents insurance

Everyone has a home, and contents. Believe it or not, but home insurance isn’t actually a legal requirement. Though, if you take out a mortgage, your lender will usually request that you get covered in order to protect their investment.

How can it save me money?

Besides protecting your home in the event a flood, earthquake or storm ravages it, you mean? A lot of contents will be covered under the same policy. Think iPhones, TV’s, games consoles. If the worst does indeed happen and you aren’t covered, you’ll have to shell out thousands and thousands in repair costs. That’s not to mention finding a hotel to stay in. Usually, your insurance provider will foot the damage bill, and put you up in a hotel temporarily. Kaching!

Life insurance

Probably the most popular kind of insurance in existence, but still the most overlooked. Everybody has a life (I hope) so it’s a good idea to protect it. But, because it can be quite a tricky subject to understand, it’s a good idea to brush up on the subject first. For example, gives you a ton of information on how the policy works. No longer will you be frantically browsing the web for advice!

How can it save me money?

In the event that you lose your primary source of income or the major breadwinner dies, all relevant family members will be safe. Again, the ways that this can save you money are self-explanatory. Families will be able to pay off debts should the main source of income stop, or the person pass away. They won’t have to take out a loan to make it happen, either.

Pet insurance

That goldfish that has been sat in the tank for two years probably doesn’t apply here. He’s invulnerable to drowning, so really doesn’t need your help. If you own any other pet, you should set up your home to be pet-safe. See here for some tips and tricks. Other than this, paying for pet insurance is a good way to ensure their long-term safety.

How can it save me money?

Pet surgery is expensive. Should your cat or dog fall ill, you’ll have to pay to make them better. Unless you have pet insurance, that is. Mr. Nibbles the cat, fear no more! You are protected.


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