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For decades, we’ve been watching James Bond as he drives car after car filled with stunning gadgets. It gets us wondering, doesn’t it? What would I do with all that technical power? The problem seems to be the price. Getting a car loaded with amazing entertainment abilities seems to cost the Earth.

But here’s the thing. It really doesn’t need to. Think about it: what are your usual entertainment devices? That’d probably be your tablet, your smartphone or iPod, and your DVD player. You can bring all of these into your vehicle pretty cheap!

Hook a tablet up to your vehicle

You can mount a tablet into your vehicle. This lets you use a mobile operating system like Android or iOS to help you when you’re driving. You can get turn-by-turn navigation on a large screen, much larger than the sat-navs you usually get!

Using a gooseneck stand that mounts to your seat, you can install one with little effort or cost. Loosen the bolt on the passenger seat track, slide the gooseneck mount base underneath the bolt, then tighten the bolt back up again. Be sure to do this on the passenger’s seat if you want the tablet to face the driver! These days, most gooseneck mounts come with a tablet holder that can clamp down to hold your tablet in place.

Be wary of data usage, however! If you have an offline GPS app for your tablet, you should be fine. But if you’re just using 3G or 4G to navigate, you’ll be gobbling up data! This could end up costing you a lot of money. Make sure you’ve looked into all of your offline capabilities, as well as your mobile data limitations.

Watching movies in your car

You could do this from your tablet, technically. But if you’re driving, then you probably want the tablet for other things. Besides, watching movies in the car is more for the people in the backseat. The driver should be watching the road!

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Kids can get pretty restless on long car journeys. If you’ve got a bunch of DVDs at home, you can bring them along for the journey! Installing in-car DVD players isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are several ways you could do it. Bringing a portable DVD player (complete with screen) is the easiest option. They’re also the cheapest way of doing it. But if you want your car to feel futuristic, consider looking into setups like in-dash DVD players with screens that drop down from the roof. They’re more inexpensive than you may think! Make sure your kids have headphones so the noise doesn’t distract you.

Playing music from your phone or iPod
Your ability to do this will depend on what car radio your have. If you have a cassette radio, it’s easy to buy plugins that you insert into the tape deck itself. If you have an auxiliary input (as most cars these days do), just plug your smartphone, iPod, or whatever else into it and away you go! Many cars also have Bluetooth-enabled speakers, though these will drain the battery of your car and your phone considerably. Still, it means you have access to a wealth of music beyond that of a single CD! And if you’re signed up to an offline streaming service like Spotify or Tidal, you can play pretty much any music you want while on the road.


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