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The Gold Coast is a metropolitan region on Australia’s east coast. Considering migrating to Australia? Then the Gold Coast has many appealing qualities you are looking for. It is famed for its long sandy beaches and is home to the famous beach called Surfers Paradise. Surfing is one of the area’s main attractions.
Not only is the Gold Coast right on the beach, but it also has an elaborate system of inland canals and waterways. It is also surrounded by mountains, such as the Tamborine Mountain, which is well worth a visit. There are amazing National parks, with mountain ridges, valleys, and hiking trails. It is also home to an array of spectacular sea-life and wildlife. There are rare birds too in the rain forest.
If you like theme parks, you can also find those on the Gold Coast. It is also known as Australia’s theme park capital. They have Sea-World, Wet N’ Wild, Dreamworld, Movie World, and White Water World as well as the Australian Outback Spectacular and for the nature lovers, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
If all of this sounds like a great place to migrate to and live then checking out some display homes in Gold Coast is something to think about. There are many great places to move to on the Gold Coast. It has a population of a little over a half a million and it is about one hour drive south of Brisbane. The weather there is similar to Brisbane and living there you will enjoy about 8 hours of sunshine a day. And the winters are very mild, so you could go to and take advantage of the beaches year round.
Depending on where you live you can also have lots of opportunities to meet people. And there are plenty of very friendly people in Australia’s Gold Coast. 

EASY TO MAKE SHISH KABOBS + Cave Tool’s Barbeque Skewer Shish Kabob set Review!!

DISCLAIMER: I received a free product to facilitate this review, although all opinions expressed are my own.

Shish Kabobs are a quick, easy and healthy dinner option.  We enjoy them immensely, and I honestly don’t think anyone here would complain if I made them every night.  You can add your favorite seasonal vegetables or whatever you have on hand.  Assembling them is fun and easy, and I can usually get someone to pitch in and help!!

My favorite Shish Kabobs are very simple and so easy to make!!

1 bottle Lawry’s Marinade (we prefer Lawry’s Teriyaki)
1 lb beef cubes cut into bite sized pieces
3 carrots, cut and parcooked
2 potatoes, cubed and parcooked
2 large onions cubed
1 medium red pepper
1 medium green pepper

I like to cut my beef cubes super small and marinate them overnight.  Assemble with desired ingredients.  You can substitute chicken for the beef cubes, use bacon, add zucchini, pineapple or whatever else you desire.


Cave Tool’s Barbeque Skewer Shish Kabob set is absolutely PERFECT for assembling the shish kabobs.   We used to use wooden skewers, and they would splinter and burn.  I never felt like they were safe so I invested in metal skewers, but the food stuck to the grill and it was hard to cook them evenly.  

Cave Tool’s Barbeque Skewer Shish Kabob set comes with a frame and five skewers.  The skewers themselves are flat, with flat handles, making them easy to turn.

shish3  They rotate a full 360º, ensuring your food cooks evenly.  They can be positioned on the frame eight different ways , and because of the elevated frame your food doesn’t touch the grill, or stick to it, and you don’t lose pieces of your kabobs.  

My shish kabobs have never tasted as delicious as they do when I grill them using  Cave Tool’s Barbeque Skewer Shish Kabob set.  Every morsel is cooked to absolute perfection, all of my food slid off of the skewers so easily, and I didn’t have to worry about wood splintering. The little round disc at the end of the skewer makes it super easy to push the food up and off.  I just love this set!! shish2

The stainless steel design of the rack and skewers are dishwasher safe making it easy to clean!!  You can order this set directly from Cave Tools website HERE, and it is also available on Amazon HERE  ~  Save 15% with code:  LHWJZQMZ




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Bet Online at NetBet

Since we live near Atlantic City, Tim and I enjoy going to the casinos a few times a year.  We also live about five minutes away from the race track, and enjoy going there a few times a year.
According to Wikipedia, gambling and other games of chance can be traced back to the British American colonies with the first settlers.  CNN reports that betting on elections was common in the US at one time.
Fast forward to 2016, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to gamble.  Fantasy games and online sports betting is unbelievably popular, and gambling and games of chance are still one of America’s favorite forms of entertainment.   
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