How We Use Top Technology in Our Home

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There are so many options to consider when you’re buying new tech for your home. But these are the main ways in which we use technology in our home.


Fast Internet Connections Throughout the House


When you have a family with teenagers, it’s impossible not to have fast internet connections. Lots of people using the internet can slow it down if you don’t have a high-quality connection. This inevitably leads to a little annoyance and frustration. And when this drags on or happens all the time, a little frustration turns into a lot of frustration. You need a router that can give equal coverage to the whole house otherwise you’ll have problems.

Different parts of the country have different levels of the coverage too. Luckily, in our area, we have plenty of good options. That’s because most of the main providers have good coverage in the area. We chose Time Warner. You can check availability of Time Warner Cable Internet service in your area. They offer a good service as long as their coverage is good in your location.

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Backup Systems for Work Documents


When you work with important files and documents, as my husband does, you need to think about security. There are lots of things that can go wrong when you’re storing data and files. And you can be in a lot of trouble if those important work documents that you rely on. To get around this problem in our house, we make sure that we backup any data that’s important. This isn’t too difficult to do, but it could save you a lot of trouble.


We have two external hard drives. Each of them can store up to 500GB of data. That’s a lot of data, so there’s no chance of us running out of space anytime soon. This also allows me to backup other things that the family needs to keep safe, not just my husband’s work. You only realise how important it is to look after your data safely when something goes wrong. About a year ago, my computer died, and we were unable to uncover lots of family photos stored on there. I’ve learnt my lesson now though!


Gaming Consoles


The great things about gaming consoles nowadays is that there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, young or old. There’s a game out there for everyone to enjoy. To be honest, my favourite games are the ones that are slow and easygoing. There are plenty of them to enjoy on the Nintendo Wii, so I still play those a lot.


But the rest of the family tend to play the more up to date, loud and fast games. They have a PS4. And there’s lots of shooting and speeding cars on the screen whenever I walk in on them playing it. It’s not my kind of thing, but it certainly seems to keep them entertained when there’s nothing on the television.

This is how we use technology in our home. How do you use it in yours?

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