Outdoor Landscaping with Natural Stone is beautiful and can be Time Saving and Cost Effective!!

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Owning and maintaining a home can be very costly both inside and out!  If you don’t have the right equipment, the time and the desire to do it yard work can be annoying and cumbersome.  Paying someone to do it for you weekly or bi weekly can add up to hundreds of dollars a month!!

Landscaping with building stone, gravel and other natural stone is a great and cost effective way to spruce up your yard and save yourself the task of weekly yard work or the expense of a weekly lawn service.  The Rock Place offers a wonderful selection of rock and stone, both functional and decorative, including flagstone, limestone, fieldstone, marble, lava rock, river rock, manufactured stone and MORE!  CLICK HERE to check out their full product list!

Choosing the right type of stone for a project is not always easy so make sure you do your homework beforehand or talk to an expert to help you decide which is best for the project you are undertaking.  Certain types of rock work better than others for specific purposes. Flagstone, for example, is great for patios, walkways, walls and pathways.  It’s important to think about whether you need the stone to be functional or decorative in certain areas, the shape, size, strength and color options.  If you’re constructing a walkway for example you will need to choose functionable stone whereas if you are landscaping an area around a garden you would want to choose a more decorative type of stone or gravel.  

Flagstone for example is a sedimentary rock, and can be found in various colors including blue, red, and gray. Flagstone is flat and easy to cut and use for construction (in fact, it was used in building castles as early as the 13th century in northern Europe). It is a versatile and easy building material, as well as a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Limestone  is light in color and adds appeal to your exterior surroundings when you use it as a gravel around plants or for your driveway or paths. This is a perfect choice when you want to create the look of East Coast seashore landscaping, as this gray limestone resembles seashells or oyster shells.  This type of rock is very versatile and there are a lot of things you can do with  it.  

Landscaping stone.  Some examples of landscaping stone are:

  • Boulders, which are a fun way to liven up an area. They can be simply decorative additions, or they can double as functional pieces. The Rock Place carries several different kinds of boulders, including fieldstone, garden, and boulders from the Pigeon River in East Tennessee. You can place boulders in a pattern to make a flower bed look artistic, or you can use boulders to construct a low stone wall to surround a portion of your garden or landscape, such as a flowerbed or tree.
  • Flagstone is a flat stone that is often used to create pathways and outdoor flooring. You can add a garden path by spacing out individual flagstones, or you can push them together in a tightly designed pattern for a solid path. You can use flagstone in many ways beyond this, such as paving for a patio. Flagstone can also be stacked and used to build a low stone wall known as a retaining wall to surround a flowerbed, pond, or as edging for earth that is designed to stagger like stair steps (such as in the terrace farming technique).
  • Gravel is always a necessary part of landscaping. If you are adding a Japanese garden to your home, for example, you must install large amount of gravel to achieve the water-like appearance belonging to Zen and Japanese gardens. Gravel is also useful in landscaping as a barrier between flowerbeds, or in the creation of multiple pathways. At The Rock Place, you can find gravel made of stones from the Pigeon River, black and red lava rock, white marble, limestone, and other kinds of rocks. We offer a wide selection of colors.

There are also several different types of decorative gravel.

  • Mexican Beach Pebbles — If you want to create a cohesive look with gray undertones in an outdoor area, pick Mexican beach pebbles. These pebbles are smooth, gray-colored stones that add a casual, rustic look. The gray color looks great in a pathway or a garden. These Mexican river pebbles are larger than a lot of gravel, and they are smooth and curved, creating a look with depth and interest. Mexican beach pebbles really are from the beach, as they come from the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, where they are picked by hand.
  • River Rock — We offer a number of other types of river rock, in addition to Mexican beach pebbles. They are smooth and similar in style to the Mexican beach pebbles, but they come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose different styles, including Pigeon River rock. With river rock, you can decorate a garden, create a dry river bed and create borders and walkways. These stones come in imperfect natural colors and shapes that will add character to your landscaping. The same batch can include stones of varying sizes, which can help create a more compact walkway with the smaller stones filling in the gaps.
  • Marble — Just like a marble countertop, marble rocks add a bright sheen and intriguing marbling effect to your outdoor area. This variety can add a more formal and high-end look to a walkway, garden or other project than some of the more rustic rock varieties. When you order marble rocks, you’ll get a subtle variety in color that ranges from sleek white through soft grays. Each rock can include a variety of colors within the one piece to add interest. And these rocks are jagged and angular, so they give a different appearance than smooth stones.
  • Lava Rocks — Lava rocks can add a very exotic feel to any outdoor space. Plus, they give you deeper colors than many other varieties to create an intriguing and eye-catching look for a walkway, driveway or other project. They’ll look amazing around colorful tropical plants or with a Tiki theme. We offer red lava rocks that come in a range of shades within the maroon-like red hue. We also have black lava rocks for a look that is very sleek and stylish. Lava rocks come with jagged edges and a porous look that helps them stand out from the stone crowd.
  • Tennessee Pea Gravel — TN pea gravel is perfect for high-traffic areas. We have two different sizes: 5/8″ and 1 1/2″, so you can choose the size that fits the look you’re going for. The smaller size gives you a flatter walkway or driveway as you can compact the stones together. The larger size creates a looser feel where you can really see the details of each stone. Pea gravel comes in a variety of neutral colors that add subtle interest to an outdoor space. You’ll see pops of gray, brown, tan and even white and blue in the same batch.


So whether you’re landscaping the parking lot at the office, the back yard for the little ones swing set or wanting to redo the driveway, if you’re looking for decorative stone for your home or business in the Nashville area check out The Rock Place, which offers Natural Stone in Nashville, Tennesee.  They have a wide selection of building stone, gravel, mulch and other natural stone, affordable prices and top of the line customer service.  They are locally owned and operated and have been serving thousands of customers in the Nashville and surrounding areas since 2008!  If you have a particular vision inside your head they will help you recreate it and if you have dreams of a certain look they will help you achieve it.  You can also visit their website and check out their Project Gallery HE`RE for inspiration and ideas to create your very own backyard oasis. The outdoor fireplaces, outdoor living areas, swimming pool landscaping and other photos will captivate you and get you thinking about your own outdoor living space.  

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