An Aroma Housewares Professional 6 Tray Food Dehydrator is a super fun gift to give or receive this holiday season!

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DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free in exchange for this review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


An Aroma Housewares Professional 6 Tray Food Dehydrator is a super fun gift to give or receive this holiday season!

It’s kinda like “An Easy Bake Oven for Adults”!!

I have had SOOOOooOO much fun with my new Aroma Housewares Food Dehydrator the past few weeks.


This large capacity, 6 tray unit is sleek, modern and attractive.  It’s black on the outside with a clear see through door and six clear food trays. Each tray us ventilated and can support 1 lb of food. It also includes a drip tray for the bottom of the unit to catch any residue that may drip off as your food dehydrates. It has an automatic fan to ensure even drying and an adjustable thermostat that ranges from 95°F – 155°F. It measures 18″ (depth) x 13 1/2 ” (widith) x 13 1/2 (height).   The thermostat and on/off switch are conveniently located on the top of the unit.  The clear see through door allows you to easily keep an eye on the contents!

It is super easy to use.  Just prep your food and place it on the trays, set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature, hit the on button, and walk away.  It takes 4-6 hours for most items to dehydrate.  

I made dried strawberries and bananas when I first received the unit because I had them on hand and of course wanted to try it immediately.  They turned out great, and in fact they were SOoooo good that they were all gone before I remembered I didn’t take any pictures of them!!


The second thing I made was homemade beef jerky.  ALL of my family has enjoyed beef jerky for years and I have always wanted to make my own.  By the way, this was also the third, fourth and fifth thing I made using my dehydrator, (and I am making another batch tomorrow).  I simply get a $3 piece of London Broil and slice it super thin into little strips.  I put it in a plastic container and marinate it with Teriyaki sauce then sprinke it with ginger, brown sugar and a little fresh ground pepper. Then I refrigerate it.  Every time I open the fridge I give it a good shake.  I let it sit overnight so that the seasonings and flavors absorb into the meat. After a good 12-24 hours of marination, I place the marinated meat slices on to the trays, making sure they don’t overlap, and turn on the dehydrator.  It takes about six (6) hours for the thinly sliced meat to dehydrate at 155°, and since I start it raw after it’s done dehydrating I bake it at 275° for 10 minutes to ensure that it’s thoroughly cooked internally since I start it raw. It comes out absolutely delicious, and gets eaten faster than it takes to make it (which is a GOOD THING if you ask me)!!  It also amazes me how much beef jerky I can yield out of a $3 piece of meat!!

PicMonkey sweetpotfries

One of Bella’s favorite dog treats are sweet potato fries, but the brand I have bought for years has recently changed them up and they’re now totally different. For as much as she loved the old ones she is not crazy about the new ones, so when I was in the grocery store earlier this week and passing the sweet potatoes, I had the great idea that I would cut sweet potatoes into fries and try dehydrating them into homemade sweet potato fries for her.  I cut the raw potatoes into fries and placed them onto the trays. I adjusted the temperature to the appropriate temperature (135°) and flipped the switch to on.  It only took about four hours for them to dehydrate. Then I placed them on a baking tray and baked them for a few minutes so they were a bit crispy on the outside.  Bella absolutely LOVES them!! They were also A LOT less expensive than buying dog treats so I have a feeling I will be making these again, and perhaps experimenting with some other items for her as well!!

Homemade fruit roll ups are the next thing I am going to attempt making.  Food dehydrators are also great for drying herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, meats and so much more!! You can even make homemade potpourri in your dehydrator, and that is something else I plan on trying soon!!  

Aroma Housewares has a wonderful assortment of small kitchen appliances. They have been around since 1977, so they have A LOT of experience making quality appliances that are sure to please!!  Follow them on your favorite social media sites below to learn more about them and stay up to date with their latest products

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The Aroma Housewares Professional 6 Tray Food Dehydrator sells for $149.99 and is available for purchase HERE (click HERE) on Aroma’s website.  

GUESSSSSSsssss What??  That’s right…AROMA is letting me give ONE LUCKY READER an Aroma Housewares Professional 6 Tray Food Dehydrator of their very own!!


CLICK HERE to go to the Giveaway Post to ENTER TO WIN!!!!

Would you keep it for yourself or give it as a gift to someone you love if you won this?  





  1. I could see using this for many things…looks great. Heading over to the giveaway now 🙂

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