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Do you need to earn some extra money to make the holidays a bit easier this year?   Maybe you’re done with shopping but want to save for a summer vacation.  

Here are some great companies to help you earn extra money.  

Did you know companies pay people like you and me just to find out what we are thinking??   

Companies and corporations are desperate to understand our shopping habits, how we think and why we buy certain products, and are willing to pay us to take survey’s to help better understand what we want, and how to market it so we will buy it. 

Survey Tips:

  • Check your account often! Watch the sites and your email for more opportunities. Some companies will post surveys more than others. Some offer surveys daily, weekly and at random. The more places you sign up with, the more surveys you’ll be able to  take and the more money you will be able to make.
  • Best tip ever – consider making a separate email account just for the survey sites so you don’t miss any important emails and so your daily email is not bombarded with survey emails.
  • Remember, a legitimate survey company will NEVER ask you pay upfront for anything!

If you’re looking for legitimate survey companies to sign up to here are 10 of my favorites. They are all FREE to sign up for!

1. Your Word Panel

This is my FAVORITE survey company.  They pay when you do and even when you DON’T qualify for surveys. Click HERE to check it out.

2. Send Earnings

As seen on Good Morning America,Today show and MORE!! Earn CASH when you need emails, take surveys, shop online, redeem coupons & more!  CLICK HERE for more information.

3. Toluna Opinions

Earn $1-$5 each time you complete a survey. Plus you will be able to test and keep new products for free and share your opinions! Not only that, you will entered to win $2,500 when you sign up!Sign up here.

4. Ipsos Panel

Join the Ipsos I-Say Panel where you will earn Reward Points for taking surveys to redeem rewardsfor things such as cash and more. Sign up to Ipsos I-Say Panel here.

5. Opinion Outpost

Earn rewards including cash, Amazon gift cards, game points, donations to your favorite charities, and more. Everyone is also automatically entered to a $10,000 sweepstakes by joining and taking surveys.
The minimum cash out for Paypal is $10 and only $5 for Amazon gift cards.  CLICK HERE to sign up.

5. Toluna

Get paid to take surveys and test products. Click HERE to check it out.

6.  InBox Dollars

Inbox Dollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New enrollees also receive $5 just for signing up.  This is a good site for users interested in freebies, surveys, sweepstakes, discounts, or coupons online money making opportunities.  CLICK HERE for more information and to sign up.

7. Vindale Research

Earn $5-$75 per survey and get paid to test products. CLICK HERE to take a look

8.  Harris Poll Online

Become a member of the Harris Poll Online. You will earn Harris Poll Online Rewards where you can redeem rewards for things such as cash and more just for your opinions. Sign up here today.

9.  Shoppers Perspective Community

Become a part of this exclusive online community of shoppers, grocery retailers and grocery trade members and share your opinions about your grocery shopping experience and earn reward points that you can redeem for rewards for things such as cash and more. Sign up here to Shoppers Perspective Community today.

10.  PineCone Research

One of America’s favorite survey companies!!  Complete surveys and earn rewards you can redeem for things like cash and prizes.  CLICK HERE to sign up today.


Just a few minutes a day taking surveys will put you on the road to free rewards!!  Another good idea is to start NOW and save for the holidays NEXT YEAR and try to do it all for free!!

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