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 Tired of people walking off with your pens?

Make a super cute Flower Pot Pen Jar, and stop your pens from disappearing.
My daughter made me this for a gift and I absolutely love it!!

Here’s what you need (and you can get it all at the dollar store):

1 bunch of artificial flowers
1 package of stick pens
1 roll of green floral tape
1 small vase or glass jar
1 package of decorative stones


Cut apart the flower bunch so you have individual flowers with stems.  You can use all the same flower or different ones, depending on the look you want to achieve.


Remove the cap from the stick pen,  and using green floral tape, wrap a flower alongside on to each pen (wrap them so they’re snug).



Continue to wrap flowers until you have a nice sized bouquet.



 After all the pens are wrapped, add a glass jar or vase and some decorative stones, and you have a pretty flower arrangement that doubles as a pen holder.



flower pot pen craft

I don’t think your husband (or son) will walk away with one of these, but if they do it should be easy enough to find!





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