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Entertainment Book


Wow ~ this is regularly $35.  I already have one but will be ordering another one at this price?  

They are available for ALL US ZIP CODES!!

Get over 700 coupons and over $20,000 in savings!!  If you’re going away on a vacation, order one for where you will be visiting!! These also make GREAT GIFTS for anyone!!

I buy two of these books every year.   I usually buy them at CVS where they cost $35 each!!

The first four coupons in the book are for $5 off my shopping order at my local grocery store so this alone pays for my book!!  I also LOVE the coupons for Regal Cinemas, Chic Fil A and Dunkin Donuts!!  There are TONS of localrestaurant and activity coupons inside!  My girls ALWAYS ask if I haveEntertainment Book coupons when they are going out!!   This summer I saved over $100 on a rental car when we went to Disney, before Halloween I used my Party City coupon and on Black Friday, I used my Dicks, JoAnn Fabric, Target, Sephora and Fashion Bug coupons!! GET YOUR $5.99 ENTERTAINMENT BOOK  NOW ~ At this price certain areas are sure to sell out

If you’ve never owned an Entertainment Book before, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing!  Grab one today, it pays for itself the first time you use it!!  CLICK HERE to order yours now!!

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