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I remember when I was a teen ~ cell phones weren’t even INVENTED!! We had one house phone WITH A CORD, and you had to sit in the living room with everyone else in the family settled around when you wanted to talk on the phone!!  We even had a PARTY LINE and sometimes had to wait for one of the people we “shared” a phone line with to hang up before we could make a call.  Call waiting?  Nope, it didn’t exist.  You got a BUSY SIGNAL.  My oh my how times have changed!! [Read more…]


Our first house had hardwood floors.  The girls were little, and I had every kid in the neighborhood running through the house what seemed like a hundred times a day.  The floors didn’t stand a chance!! It was a constant struggle to try to keep up with them.  Once we got wall-to-wall carpeting and covered them up I always wished I hadn’t. [Read more…]

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Free Fun Fab 5000 Fan & Birthday Celebration Game Hop!

Free Fun Fab 5000 Fan & Birthday Celebration Game Hop!
Will take place on these pages Sunday Oct 14th  – Beginning at 6 pm CST/7 pm EST


Free Fun Fab — 6pm CST/7 pm EST

Ezeebux Freebies & More — 6:30 pm CST/7:30 pm EST

Wisconsin Coupon Clippers — 7:30 pm CST/8:30 pm EST

Tracer’s Coupon Affair — tbd

Baubles N Bits — tbd

Thompson’s Boutique — tbd

Lucky’s Bingo Corner — tbd

Novica Live Global Stylist — tbd

Shore Savings with Patti — tbd

Free Fun Fab — tbd

TBD = to be determined. I’ll get these time slots filled in as soon as I finish coordinating with the participating game hosts.  Check back again soon.  Thank you!

Free Fun Fab’s 5000 Fan & Birthday Celebration Giveaway and Game Hop!


This FABulous giveaway will run until Oct 14th
There will be a game hop on that night with a chance for you to win more great prizes.
Click HERE to learn more about the game hop. [Read more…]

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This sweepstakes is probably older than I am – I can remember my mom entering ALL THE TIME when I was little!

In fact, she STILL swears Ed is going to show up at her front door one of these days and announce she won!!






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Tim’s Nutrisystem Journey ~ Week 7 ~ #NSNation

This week has been the most challenging week so far. I went on a quick overnight trip to visit my mom, and of course she had to cook and of course I had to eat.  Patti asked me before I left if I wanted to take Nutrisystem meals or at least some Nutrisystem snacks with me and I said no because I planned on eating dinner with my mom. Believe me ~  she did not have to twist my arm at all. She even packed me leftovers for the ride home. Despite my total lack of control I weighed in at 226 today, which I am proud to say is my lowest weight in about 15 years!!   Last night I ordered my third month of food and I felt so relieved that I had another month to help me learn what to eat as well as how to eat. I am learning that you eat to live not live to eat. Nutrisystem – you are changing my life.

Tim  would absolutely love it if you followed his Nutrisystem Journey and words of encouragement are ALWAYS appreciated!!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling (1-888-853-4689) or by visiting

Disclaimer: ShoreSavingsWithPatti has  been selected to participate in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program. Nutrisystem will provide my husband with their meals at no charge for my review. I am not being compensated for our  participation.