How SMART Is Your Approach To Personal Finance?

There is a case to be made that emotion accounts for too much of our approach to personal finance. When things are going well, we’re happy. When things aren’t looking so good, we’re sad. We’re human beings, so it’s to be expected, but it’s always worth remembering that people are flawed, and prone to making mistakes when emotion plays too big a role. It’s emotion, not rationality, that might make us overspend on a home, or treat ourselves to something we want even when we’re hurting our finances in the process. Business, however, is not an emotional enterprise: it’s based on what works, and what doesn’t. A company that ran on emotion would not be around very long. So how we can apply a business approach to our own finances? By being smart.


The Approach

If you’ve ever worked in a business environment, you’ll have heard of the SMART acronym. It’s applied to a lot of business factors, be it employee management, project management, or targets for the forthcoming year. It’s not a defined approach: it’s a guide that people keep in mind when they’re trying to improve. The acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable, and tracking (or a variation of these words), and adopting the approach might just guide you to a more financially sound future. Let’s take a look how. [Read more…]

4 Debt Problems You Need to Face ASAP

Most people take on some kind of credit or debt at some point in their lives. They have a credit card or two, buy a home with a mortgage, or use student loans to pay for college. It’s possible to have a healthy amount of debt if you approach it in a responsible way. Before you take on debt, you should explore your options and work out what you can afford. However, sometimes it’s too late for that. You’ve already encountered problems with the debt you have, and it feels like you can’t find the solutions to sort it all out. Fortunately, there are always answers to your problems.

Behind on Payments

Getting behind on your payments is surprisingly easy to do. You have one month when money is tight, and it can create a knock-on effect that leaves you struggling. If you’ve missed a payment, or even several of them, being in touch with your creditor is essential. Their top priority is that you pay your debt, even if there might be a slight delay. You can often work out a new payment plan with them, which can help to relieve the pressure. In fact, it’s best to talk to them before you miss a payment, but it’s possible to do some damage control after too.

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Too Many Credit Cards

It’s surprisingly easy to end up with a collection of credit cards, all of which have large amounts of debt on them. You might get a new card because you’re tempted by its opening offer, or you might just need a way to pay for something, and you’ve already maxed out your other cards. If you’re having credit card problems, consolidating your debts is one of the top solutions. You can roll all of your cards into one debt, or sometimes put it all on one card so that you only have to worry about a single payment.
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Vehicle Towing and Recovery: What You Need to Know

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Vehicle Towing and Recovery: What You Need to Know

There are many reasons for towing a vehicle. The primary reason is illegal parking, but there can be other reasons. The first thing you need to do is find your car. If a vehicle is towed, there is a record you can access to find where it was towed to. This is the first crucial step to getting your car recovered. If your car was not towed, it was probably booted. The costs on that are a bit high, as they can sometimes be on towing.

When You Have a Missing Vehicle

When you have a missing vehicle, the chances that it got towed are far greater than the chances it got stolen. Be sure to check with your local police department for details. They will be able to do a good job of finding the location and the reason for the towing, all of which you will have to pay for. Putting all this money out there to get your vehicle back is going to be difficult. If the police don’t have any reason to keep your car, they will not. They will assign it to a remote towing ground.

Recovery and towing professionals, like, are called in by police to any kind of road accidents. They are reported and these could be collisions, breakdowns, running off the road, and load shift cargo vehicles on the road. This helps to clear the road from any accidents so people can continue to pass through. Ask the local police to help find your vehicle or employ an outside service to do it for you. Most likely, it is at a towing yard.

Actions You Can Take

When you are in certain cases, operators on the scene need to wear clothing of high-visibility such as prescribed by ANSI 107-2010. There will be examinations of damages to surrounding areas, fluid loss, and further ecological damage. Inform your attorney of anything of this nature so they can curtail any prosecution for such accidental damages. Otherwise, you could get pegged with some multiple charges unless you get a good attorney.

Recovering Damages

If you were in an accident and there were damages to both your car and the other car, you are in a bit of a bind. There will be contention between parties. Nobody will stand for nonsense. Therefore, it would be vital to collect all evidence as possible. To recover from damages from vehicular accidents, you may have to sue. It is done all of time and what you need is a personal injury lawyer or an accident lawyer on the job to investigate and prove your innocence in this accident.

Being in a car accident or parking in the wrong place will get your vehicle towed. If it is just as simple as parking in a no parking zone, you can get help and get your car back! There is no real trouble to it except the finances. You will have to pay the towing and impound fees as well as any other damages for the time being.

Cut the Cost of Medical Bills


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No matter how frugal you are with money or how well you think you’ve planned  financially for emergencies, if you get sick or end up being injured in an accident, there is a good chance that you will be hit by out-of-pocket medical expenses and if that happens in the thousands of dollars, and if that happens, you could find it very difficult to get by.


If you don’t want unexpected medical expenses to put you on the back foot and leave you with a busted budget for months to come, check out these ideas for cutting the cost of medical bills:

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6 Simple Tricks To Cut Your Grocery Bill

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Without a doubt, the grocery bill is one of the biggest expenses that any household has. This is especially true if you’re trying to eat healthily. All the ingredients for an organic salad are far more expensive that just being able to grab a burger from the frozen aisle!

If you’re watching your money and hoping to find areas to trim back, it won’t be long until your eyes alight on the grocery bill. Cutting that down to size can be the key to a sound financial future – so how can you bring it under your control?

1) Buy In Bulk

If you have the space, it’s far cheaper to buy a whole pig and store it in the freezer than buying individual pork steaks and bacon. It’s worth investigating this option if you don’t mind the idea of it, because the savings can be substantial. [Read more…]


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Best Financial Tips For Any New Parent


Having a child for the first time is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking things you’ll ever experience. While there are countless facets to being a good parent, one of the big ones is good financial management. If you find it’s hard enough to manage your own finances, and you’re about to begin raising a young family, it may be time for a few changes. Here are some of the best financial tips for any new parent.

Look into Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts

As soon as you know you’re going to have a child, you should take some time to talk to your employer about flexible spending and HSA accounts. If your work runs one of these, and you qualify for the account, you’ll be able to deduct a given amount of your income before tax, and use this money to prepare for the needs of being a parent when your child comes into the world. If there’s anything left over after you’ve met those needs, you can move it to a savings account, and get a head start on your child’s college fund. [Read more…]

Essential Technology That Every Home Should Have

Technology progresses so quickly that it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind. There are constant updates and improvements. It can also feel like as soon as you buy a new product, it’s not all too long before the upgrade has been released. But don’t worry. You don’t necessarily have to delve into the depths of tech geek lifestyle to get technology to work for you and your home. Truth be told, you only need a few essential items to help your days run more smoothly and hassle free. Here are our top picks.

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You may be used to your PC but a laptop is an indispensible item. Why? Its portability. You can start projects, work or socialising anywhere at any time. You can take your files and documents along with you wherever you go, even if that’s abroad on holiday! So update from your computer tower and monitor. If you don’t tend to use computers or laptops at all, now may be the time to start. It’s a big investment, but there are options for payment plans. It isn’t all about social media and business emails. There are so many apps nowadays that can help you with your day to day routines and activities. Some will organize your schedule for you, some will store your favorite recipes, others will manage your exercise regime. Just take the time to see what’s out there. [Read more…]

Website Investments to Make

Are you thinking about creating a blog or website for yourself, or your company? Well, you have come to the right place! Creating a website is a fun and easy way to promote your business online, but it does take a bit of work. Of course, you can go with the bare minimums and not make a ‘fancy’ website, but if you want readers and word of the mouth recommendations, there are a few things that I believe you should invest in to get a return, which means increased traffic, opportunities and sales for you. Check out my list of ways to improve your website and make smart investments:


Web hosting and domain name

This is where a lot of first time bloggers and business owners go wrong. You think you are starting a blog to get more readers, but your credibility goes down (a lot) when you do not have your own domain name and do not host it yourself. For example, are you more likely to trust or I’m thinking that everyone would trust the words of the first option more than the second, and on top of that, more Google searchers are more likely to click the first option compared to the second.

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Staying Cool As A Cucumber On School Sports Day



That time of the year is almost upon us – summer sports days at school! Kids love having the day off lessons so they can do some sport instead. And parents and relatives love spending the day out on the sports field watching all the kids race and play different matches! It’s a fab way to spend a hot summer’s day.


As you will all be outside for a long period of time, it is important that you and your children take some important precautions so that you don’t end up suffering from heatstroke or sunburn. This is especially important for your children as they will be exerting themselves in all that exercise! Here are some great tips that should help you both staying as cool as a cucumber.

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